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2 Body Weight Exercises For Quality Strength!




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Sorry again if this Blog update is late, I have bee having a few problems with my servers..

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If anyone come up and tells you that you have to choose free weights to build strength What 2 Body weight Exercises would you Choose.
So in my Experience I am about to inform you. Check out the following 2 body weight drills that I have included below to help you to develop a awesome level of both total body conditioning and strength !



Body Weight Exercises


1. The Burpee:




This is a calisthenic exercise that is tremendous in helping you to achieve both a high level of strength and total cardiovascular conditioning. This body weight strength training drill is very exerting and you will quickly see why once you give it a try.
The burpee is an exercise that includes 4 different steps or counts. ( These is also an 8 count step for a more advanced Burpee) But I’ll give you the Easier version for this article.

First, you want to start by standing with your feet at shoulder width distance and crouch down to place your hands on the ground in front of you. Second, you want to kick your feet back extending your body into an upright push up position.



Thirdly, you will want to execute a normal push up. Finally, after the the push up you will want to kick your feet back up underneath your body to stand up.(A jump at the end is more in line for the 8 count burpee)
All 4 of these movements constitute a single repetition. This is a body weight exercise for total body strength! Give it a go.



2. The Static Plank Hold:






The static plank Hold is a tremendous core strengthening exercise that is sure to challenge you in a way that you have never experienced. The key to building strength is making sure that you maximise muscular tension. This particular body weight drill is terrific for doing just that.

The plank is a tremendous core and muscle strength workout. It is great for strengthening your abs, surrounding core muscles, and lower back. To accomplish this particular drill you will want to lay on the ground face down to start.


From here you will want to straighten your body and raise yourself off of the ground by only allowing your elbows and the balls of your feet to support your weight. Make sure that both your feet and arms are perpendicular to the ground and that your body forms a straight rigid line. You shouldn’t “sag” at your hips or knees, nor should your arch at your hips either.



Once again, your body should be a perfect and rigid straight line. Once in position then attempt to hold this without moving for a at least a couple minutes! But if your a beginner I’ll dart with 30 seconds and then build the time from there. You’ll see just what I mean when I say “tension!”

If you haven’t already started to engage in body weight exercises such as burpees and planks then you are so missing out. You can only get better at fitness when you are willing to learn and apply!


Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart.




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