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Monthly Archives: August 2012

New KettleBells and a kettlebell training benefits.

Hello Everyone.. So Today I have received a few more Kettlebells to add to my collection.. But before I start to go on about this, I must say that I was intending to get this Blog out a little earlier than the time I am writing this. 23:45 on a Thursday Night... My laptop has been really and i mean really going Slow, Had to shut down everything to get this running at a speed that i can live with, Without picking it up and throwing it across the room.. But I digress..   Ok on to the Kettle Bells... I have got more KB's which I am going to try and set up a Kettlebells club.. Not sure where yet as I am currently looking into a few different places, But It has to be a good pla...

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Advantages of Personal Training

  Personalised workouts — not just for the rich and famous! You may think using a personal trainer is out of your reach — reserved only for a “special” few. But that’s not the case! These days, people of all fitness, age and economic levels use personal trainers. And depending on your fitness goals, you may have a variety of training options available at the gym, work or at home. So, why are personal trainers so popular? At The Trainers Edge we assess your physical condition and develop a workout designed just for you, saving you time and reducing the risk of injury. You can choose to use a us once a week, twice or as many times as you wish. It’s an entirely customise...

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Nearly finished – Phase 1….

Hello All.. Ok, Been very busy in the last week, Finishing off my new venture, Trying to go more into home and outside training, ( when the weather is good..lol ) I have been putting together over the last few months ideas and the very best Equipment to kit out my new truck. I have gone for a 4x4 truck as it can be more versatile plus it looks more cooler than a plain old transit van or Transporter van. I am kitting it out with a full set of kettlebells and tons of other stuff, Tyres (Large and small) Battling ropes plus a few other cool rope ideas thats not been used here before (well not that i know of). So the new graphics have been put on. pics below showing it getting laid do...

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Welcome to my new Blog

Hello Everyone. May say a big thank you for reading my New Blog, and Viewing my web site. I shall intend to add new articles and videos of workouts, my views in Exercise and training. Lots of new exciting prospects coming in the next few weeks. I am very busy in getting them all ready. But I really do hope it takes off. It's been 8 months in preparation, so I hope it all works.. I'm am nervous but very excited to get this venture going. With the 2012 London Olympics Just finished and the Paralympics just a few weeks away, I'm hoping this will engage the public to increase their exercise activates or for some just starting.. The Trainers Edge will help anyone to increase their ex...

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