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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Kettlebell Foundation Routine

  Hi All Here is another weekly blog..   Firstly updates... New top Rig for the truck is nearly ready.. Hopefully be on and ready to test next week.. I am hoping after many weeks and months of drawings and designs it will work.. It should so i am looking forward to adding in a new dimension to outside "mobile " training.   Ok The Kettlebell Foundation Routine...   This routine consists of 3 rounds. The weights can be lowered for beginners who are not 100% comfortable with Kettlebells. Plus for beginners the Reps can be lowered too..   The Breakdown.... Two handed swing 18kg x 25 Goblet Squat 18kg x15 Single arm Military...

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The importance of Kettlebell swings

Hi All   Just a quick weekly update to my blog here.. My Mobile Truck Trainer s almost complete, just still waiting for final drawings for the top rig. It has taken a little while to get going, but i need it to be strong and Safe. So not long now before that's up and ready. I have a few new ideas for my ultimate cross training, Will be using some of those routines with clients in next couple weeks, when that's complete i can launch it.   But Going back to title of Blog... I have always maintained that using Kettlebells for Strength and conditioning.. It's one of the best pieces of equipment to use. "Low tech equipment High end Results" I have always trie...

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Just a Quick Little update

Hi Everyone. I am just writing this quick blog, to keep everyone updated and to keep for archives. (I am writing this out again, as somehow I lost everything i wrote down a few minutes ago, Hope it doesn't happen again :) )   Anyways I Do wish to write a blog update about my travels and progress with my Training business. At the moment I am updating about once a week, But I intend to try and publish a updated on a more regular basis.   I am In the process of making up a structured way of videoing workouts and Technique cues.. I have the privilege over the many years of training (Strength and Conditioning, Fitness and Skiing) of working and learning for grea...

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My Mobile Truck Training Taking Shape

Hello Everyone.. Just a Quick blog here, just to update on my Unique 4x4 mobile Truck Training.. (Still working on a good Title..lol) I still have a few things to Iron out and get ready.   Plus Sorting out a big Photo shoot for publications and A New Store for My "Spyder Fitness Suspension Training" Also I will be doing Video shoots using the Spyder Trainer.. So I will keep you informed when it comes closer to fruition. But I digress..   Today I had one of my Clients Liam.. As it was a Nice day today 5/9/12, We went through some tester workouts using multiple equipment. But Not everything... lol Great session... And Here is what Liam had to...

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