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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Fit 2 Ski workout

  Hi All...   Well it's nearly December, Christmas and the new Ski season has started.. In some countries it already has... With in some resorts have about 120cm of Snow before the end of November... So I have put together 'My fab 6 Exercises' to get you ready for your ski trip...   As a Canadian CSIA Ski Instructor myself for over 10 years now, Having strong legs and Core is what you need for a good days Skiing.. Even though sometimes if I ski hard all day I get DOMs in my legs a few days later.     But Studies have shown that if your not ready for the first day on the slopes, you are more prone to getting injured, and also having an ac...

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Hi all.. I thought i write up a little Kettlebell Explanation. On What Kettlebells are and what it will do for you.. Kettlebells train your body like no other fitness tool. Their unique design trains every muscle in perfect harmony – excess fat melts away as you’re left with a sexier and leaner body.   Kettlebells will lead to greater fat loss. Kettlebells increase your metabolism by creating dense muscle mass. The fat loss power of kettbells is explained by the extremely high metabolic cost of throwing the weight around combined with the fat burning effect of the growth hormone stimulated by such exercises.   Kettlebells will Correct imbalances
. The...

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New Workout – Lucky number 7’s

Hi Everyone.   Here we are again, Another week gone and nearly Christmas. And what a horrible week so far in the Uk, Rain Wind and more Rain. I am so glad that I have a 4x4 Truck now..lol I have started to advertise on my 'Mobile Truck Training' More info on that soon.   Not much to report on this week, But I have had tubing in to make my top rig for my truck, so just have to make it up and heavily test it out before I let it loose on my clients. So I have put together a nice Little workout routine if you need to Do a quicky..   I've called it Lucky Number 7's   It's just some of the best exercises you should do when in a gym.. It's a rea...

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Kettle bell 101 workout.

Hi All New Update today with a workout of the week.. I still Waiting to get my final rig to go on my truck. When it's here then I'll be able to so some real good routines and to able to film them.   So I'll be able to show the routines with the downloadable workouts. This week back to Kettle bells, So What I've Made out is a 101 Routine, Just a Basic Routine but a little more different than my last one.. But all still very good and Effective.. So here it is...     Hope you enjoy this workout.. Until next time   'Learn to Love that Burn'   Jason...

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Olympic bar – Bumpers With new Attachments

Hi All... Just an update.. Have received the final part of my Mobile Truck trainer equipment.. - - So far - -   lol Here is a pick of the bar with bumpers... This latest acquirement means I can now do more Olympic Lifts and mini Crossfit workouts..       Also I have got a number of new and unique Attachments, That as far as i know I am the only Pt in the area that has this.. It is called the War Hammer. Attached is a short Video of a Sample of what can be achieved.     http://youtu.be/Xwsql84OC4s     And Finally I have a Clean and Jerk attachment.. This will prove a excellent way of perfecting the "Cle...

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Core Challenge workout routine…

Hello Everyone..   News to start... I have now received a Olympic Bar with Rubber Bumpers, So in theory It should be okay for "Crossfit" Style workouts.. Plus good for deadlifts and Squats that Now i can train you anywhere... I will be taking pics and showing it soon.. Also I have a "Landmine" attachment to attach to bumpers, So if  you are  bored with your current exercise program and would like to add some new exercises to your regimen, Then you will be able to try out these unique exercises that work on core stability, general muscular strength, and endurance.. More info coming soon..   So onto this weeks workout sheet.. I have done a Core Challenge workout....

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Kettlebell Basics workout sheet

Hi Everyone.   It's Thursday again, November and nearly Christmas... Comes around all to quick.. :)   Anyways Before i go into my Kettlebell Basic routine Sheet, And Quick update on what's going on with me.. Top rig for my truck has now been made, so hopefully I shall be putting it on in the next week or so. I shall be extensively testing it out before i unleash it to any of my clients or Groups. Also making sure that no one copies any of my routines or exercises.. (Which has been happening all to frequently recently) So thats done, and soon I'll be getting a Olympic bar and bumpers, so i can start doing mini Crossfit routines.   Well that's sort.. S...

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