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Monthly Archives: January 2013

The Advantages of Kettlebells

  The Advantages of Kettlebells     I'm sure most of you would have heard of a kettlebell by now? If not here is a brief description on what a kettlebell is and the benefits. A kettlebell is a traditional Russian training tool that looks like a cannon ball with a handle on. This shape allows unique positioning of the weight directly above your centre mass (unlike a Dumbell which must be held in front of the body).   This allows you to keep your hand and wrist in a neutral alignment which enables for greater endurance in the core lifts! kettlebell training involves multiple muscle groups and energy systems so it really is the ultimate conditioning work ...

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  Hi all.. I am currently drawing up some more Workouts to download to your smart phone or to print out.. My Marine Corp circuits workout is being shared loads on pinterest..     Click on image to see full size and right click to download and Save...   So new routines will be up soon... with some 3 day a week splits using kettlebells only and standard  gym Equipment, Keep coming back to my blog to check these out...   But just to leave this blog with one of my smoothies...   INSTANT BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE     Ingredients: 8 to 12 ounces of milk 1-2 scoops of Whey Protein, preferably chocolate 1 sp...

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Kettlebell workout 28012013

  Hi all   A quick round up of my kettlebell workout for today.   Kettlebell workout 28012013     5 min′ DYNAMIC WARM-UP       1.    KETTLEBELL SWING: 20 REPS( 10 reps each arm) x 3 SETS (16kg KB)     2.    GOBLET SQUAT: 10 REPS x 3 SETS (20kg KB)     3.    KETTLEBELL SNATCH: 20 REPS (10 reps each arm) x 3 SETS (16kg KB)     4.    STEP UP: 20 REPS (10 reps each leg) x 3 sets (holding a 20kg KB)     5.    KETTLEBELL CLEAN & PRESS: 20 REPS( 10 reps each arm) x 3 SETS (16kg KB)     6.    KETTLEBELL DOUBLE HAND SWING: 25 REPS x 3 sets (32kg KB)     7.    JUMP ROPE: 60 REPS &nb...

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fat blasting cranberry and mango smoothie recipe

  Hi all   I thought about a writing about series of Healthy meals and Smoothies.. All of which I have tried and tasted... First up is.. fat blasting cranberry and mango smoothie.     Ingredients. 200ml cranberry 200ml peach-flavoured yoghurt 1 mango Put all in blender, blend for 30-60 secs   Why it works Cranberries offer a low-calorie package full of immunity-boosting antioxidants . The vitamin C also increases your fat-burning potential. Yoghurt is rich in vitamin B12, which helps your brain absorb energy from food. Yoghurts will also rev up your body’s fat-burning engine. but any flavoured Yoghurt will d...

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9 Heart Healthy Exercise Tips

  Hi All.. Just thought to write out this, To help you have and maintain a Heathly heart.   Activities as Exercise Can Help Your Heart  "to get heart-healthy benefits, you need to get your heart rate up" there are dozens of activities you can do to help your heart. Whether it is a structured exercise program or just part of your daily routine, all physical activity adds up. It’s easy to follow these exercise tips at home, at work, and at play to increase the amount of physical activity in your life.       Tips to help you start a heart healthy exercise plan.     1.    Aerobic exercises done 30 minutes a day is excellent for incr...

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New Weekly workout – Finisher no.1

  Hello All..   So another week gone and it's nearly February... My 'Mobile Truck Training' is progressing nicely I will be starting Filming promo vids very soon... So If anyone would like to come along to try out this Unique fun way for fitness Training, Then please give contact me.. I will be starting with Free Taster sessions to get everyone used to this style of fitness. It is starting to generate good interest, even from some professional sports athletes.. Pic below is the final Rear View of Truck..     Ok....   Well on to the Workout for this week... I haven't posted one for a few weeks, But here is one of my 'Finishers...

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Mobile Truck Training Almost ready to Roll

Hi All   Well It's been a long time coming, With delays and just trying to get things sorted. I Have finally started testing the Rig.. I am hoping this will be a start of a whole new way for fitness training. This is just not 'Bootcamp' As I believe this has be done way too much Esp with instructors that just don't know how to do Bootcamps properly. The only kinds of 'Bootcamps' That anyone needs to do, Is ones that are actually taken by Military or Ex-Military personal. Anything else is just not the same....   But What I am doing will hopefully be MORE... As you can see by pictures, I will be using Equipment that will provide a much more all round workouts, usin...

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New Kettlebell workout… It’s an Evil one…

  Hi Everyone..   Start of January. Things are busy... and a new kettlebell workout for you.. but first of all... Hopefully will be get videos and photos done using the 'Mobile Truck Training' Soon Also I'm on a major offensive with my own Training... To be honest, I've been lax of late... Just doing other work and concentrating with Clients, so I am make a big effort to get back to what I was from a few years ago...   Anyways Just got around to upload a new Kettlebell workout.. This is a bit of an Evil one, Mainly focus on Upper body. But before trying this workout, Please make sure you warm up properly, Activation of all muscles is/are really ...

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Training with Fat gripz…

  Hi Everyone... Hoping everyone had a good Christmas and New Year..   I have great plans for 2013, "Mobile Truck Training' for one. Plus a few others, that I will keep to myself for now...   I've been using my Fat Gripz! of a few weeks now and I am finding good results.

Here are some benefits of using fat grips.

- Better grip strength and forearm development. - Can help with overall muscular recruitment. - Useful at helping get through plateaus.   I tend to drop one or two fat grip exercises in my back and arms routines and occasionally drop a chest exercise or deadlift into other sessions. My favourite exercises to use them with a...

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