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Monthly Archives: February 2013

3 Day Split workout… #2

  Hi all Here is the second part of a 3 Day split workout, I've made up for you to down load.. In This Second workout card, its a 'Leg and Abs'   This is aimed at Beginners to intermediates, So Pretty easy to understand and do. Just add more Load to make it more hard work..       Enjoy   Just ‘Right Click” and Save image as to your computer and then upload it to your smartphone, To take anywhere…     That’s it for now..   ‘Learn to Love that Burn’    Jason...

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New Finisher Workout… 25022013

  Hi All   So next in my FREE workout routine you can download, Is a really good Finisher... This can be done at the end of any workout, ( If you feel up to it) Or And stand alone routine if your tight for time.. Parts 2 and 3 of my - Beginner 3 day split - will be uploaded soon FREE for you to download.       Just ‘Right Click” and Save image as to your computer and then upload it to your smartphone, To take anywhere…   That’s it for now..   Enjoy And ‘Learn to Love that Burn’    Jason...

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3 Day Split workout…

  Hi All...   Been really busy in last few weeks, with this that and other.. I have been tuning up Skis for people that are going away to the slopes.. Lucky them... (I'll be going soon)     My workout have been going great, although I've been taking a Creatine Blend, Which has been bloating me out a little, But soon that should go, I've been gaining good strength and I've been Looking at new ways to help me to help my clients with Technique and Form.. I can't say often enough that I see so many ppl and "trainers" not knowing to keep good form throughout an exercise. Anyways that's for another 'Rant' Post...     But Here today I ...

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    Hi all.. Just posting a workout done today.. Using my Truck and jump rope and Kettlebells.. I have lots more to write up with new workouts that are Exclusive to my training program.     5 min dynamic warm-up CIRCUIT 1 1 min jump-rope 10 toes to bar 10 Spyder Suspension Face pulls, to Low row to bear hugs repeat 3 times CIRCUIT 2 1 min jump-rope 10 Clean & Press using a 18kg KB repeat 3 times CIRCUIT 3 1 min jump-rope 10 Snatches using 20kg KB repeat 3 times CIRCUIT 4 1 min jump-rope 10 close-grip push-ups repeat 3 times CIRCUIT 5 1 min jump-rope 10 burpees repeat 3 times BONUS 1 min extra jump-rope to cool dow...

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  Hi All I thought I'd Post another Smoothie Recipe.. I am trying out different combinations, And this Smoothie is really quite Nice. Best consumed in the morning to mid morning, As it does contain Oats..     OATMEAL FRUIT SMOOTHIE Ingredients. 1 cup soy milk or Semi skimmed Milk 1 cup rolled oats 250ml low-fat pro-biotic yoghurt 1 banana, broken into chunks Hand full frozen strawberries 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract or Vanilla pods 1‐1/2 teaspoons white sugar ( if desired)   In a blender, combine soy milk, oats, yoghurt, banana and strawberries. Add vanilla and sugar if desired. Blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and ...

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New Kettlebell WOW 09022013

    Hi All   Been an interesting week for me...   Can't really go into it all now, but hopefully things are moving in The Right direction I wish to move in.. But That's for another Day..   I'm still trying to sort out some training sessions with using my 'Mobile Truck Training' But Weather has been bad, But this to is starting to gather attention.       Also I have made out a new Kettlebell workout for all to download and Try out...   I tried this one out today, and its a really good Kb quick burn..   You will need a stopwatch for this... I use a gymboss timer..  http://www.gymboss.com/ ...

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