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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Morning Wake Ups WOW No.1 26042013

  Hi All Just a quick update to my blog with a new  FREE workout routine you can download Quick Morning Workout I call   "Morning Wake Ups"     These Morning Smashes blast body weight exercises  I want to get the heart racing and
the blood pumping, To kick start your morning in a fun way. This is a 7 DAY CHALLENGE
  So you will feel fitter, toned and fresh to start your day !!     Here is the Workout...     Just ‘Right Click” and Save image as to your computer and then upload it to your smartphone, To take anywhere…   That’s it for now..   Enjoy   ‘Learn to Lov...

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How to Drink Milk to Build Muscle and How It Aids in Fat Loss

  Hi All..     I am Writing this Late at Night When I should be resting, So many apologises if my grammar is a little off, But I wished to finish this off. I think I will write about Sleep deprivation and the causes that increase Cortisol levels, sometime soon and how this effects Your health and Well-being. This Blog is all about Drinking Milk..   We all Heard when we were little about "Drink a glass of Milk a day" I can remember when I was small that my school had to provide a Large Glass of Milk a day.. Not What Kids drink Today, Mainly Chocolate Milk etc that are Full of Sugars but Regular wholesome Milk. But Drink Milk to Build Muscle...

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Finisher Workout no 3… 17042013

  Hi All   So next in my FREE workout routine you can download, Is a another really good Finisher…   If your goal is fat loss, than a finisher will hit most, if not all of the body the best. Most finishers I'm writing out at the Moment will hit the body totally. If you want to lose body fat, the choice is pretty easy – Use finishers instead of boring cardio     In this finisher 6-1-6 is where you’ll start with a certain amount of reps in this case 6 and decrease as you go through the finisher. Then back up the other side until you've reached the magic number you started with Ladder workouts allow a lot of volume in a short amou...

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The many benefits to do High Intensity Interval Training – HIIT

  Hi Everyone.   Today I’m writing about high intensity interval training or more commonly used HIIT . HIIT is all about your intervals in your workout routine or the reps you do on your exercises. HIIT has a lot benefits to your fitness workout and in this article I will tell you how and why.   To begin with, high intensity interval training is utilised in your cardio workouts and I am finding Great results with Kettlebells. By doing the high intensity workouts you will increase the number of calories you are burning in less than 40% of your regular workout time. This is great if on certain days you are under some time constraints. You will do 5-15 re...

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Night time snacking: 5 Snacks you will be able to Eat Before Bed

  Hi I must admit I do like a snack Before turning in, And sometimes I do Go to bed late.   So I thought up some really good healthy snacks to have before you turn in..     Your metabolic process never takes a break, even whilst you sleep. Give it the energy it craves with easy-to-make snacks that fire muscle development without flicking on the fat switch. Naive dieters generally believe anything consumed in the hours just before bed goes direct to body fat stores. Sounds like a nightmare for your bod! The real nightmare is that they finish going to bed famished, wake up with borderline energy, and wonder why they are feeling like crap despite ...

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The Deadlift and Deadlifting Part 1

  Hi This week I'd Like to Write about some thoughts about "How to Deadlift'   The Deadlift is (with the Squat) the most essential exercise you could ever do, since it acts upon all your muscles with heavy free weights. Regrettably, Deadlifts hold a reputation of being a lower back killer:   A lot of guys and girls go through pain while Deadlifting, and can't add weight, and never reap completely the benefits as a consequence. But like with all exercises, if you begin to get pain on Deadlifts it is just about always means you're executing something wrong.     Here are the 5 most frequent reasons why the Deadlift could be killing your lo...

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