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Monthly Archives: May 2013

How To Make Homemade Almond Butter

  Hi All... Ok   Today I am going to Show you how to Make Delicious Home made Almond Butter.. in my mind this tastes way better than Peanut butter, And Almond are more healthily For you..     I used to make this at home, But My Mix Was old, And Lets Say Blew up. SO I've not been able to make some for a while, Then I have seen on the Web that It's starting to make its way into Diets, As Almond Butter is Very good for you, I spread it on my Paleo waffles/pancakes/bread, fruits and even vegetables (Try a stick of celery, almond butter, and organic raisins…Great!).     I also use it for multiple recipes, to achieve creamier and richer res...

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Morning Wake-Ups Workouts No.4 12052013

  Hi All...   Welcome to another Morning Wake up Workout, Doing this kind of exercise is such a wonderful way to start the day – and it’ll wake you up better than a cup of coffee.   But There are a few things I need you to know about regarding fuelling your body, Many So called trainers I have seen and heard say almost the complete opposite with Training in the morning.   A number of studies have examined exercising before breakfast versus exercise after breakfast – and the findings have been split. One study found that exercising before breakfast resulted in muscle loss. Another study concluded exercise before breakfast resulted in fat ...

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Kettlebell Cardio HITT 08052013

  Hi all I have just written out a Kettlebell workout that I made up and Used many years ago, For all to use.. I have been doing Kettlebell training for Well over 5 years now, and i must say i Still thoroughly enjoy it. It is the Best mix of Cardio and Strength training and will easily Help in Fat Loss..   If you want more info on my Personal Coaching and Training in Exeter and guides to send worldwide, Then Please contact me for more Info. This Kettlebell workout is a killer, it is way better than any Bootcamp you may find, so you have been warned. Also… This is not a beginners workout!     I suggest you use some sort of timer when ...

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The Importance of the Hip flexor muscle

  Hello All.   Today I am wanting to talk about our Hip Flexors. When we train in gym we normally place a lot of emphasis upon building up our total strength, cardio and general fitness etc.   Although we invest a lot of emphasis with building up our "appearance" , we frequently leave out our joints, tendons, ligaments and "basic need " muscles. One muscle grouping of muscles that almost always  gets left out a lot in strength training is the hip flexors. they are muscles still tend to get overlooked.   In point of fact there is not a lot of information out there to address hip flexor work. but here we are going to take a closer look at the hip fl...

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Weekly workout.. Marine Corp Circuits No2 03052013

    Hi All   After a week of Frustration and People being So Deceitful, I have Decided to end the week on a positive note, and Not let The this Idiot Get the Better of Me.. As I will be Watching Him Like an Hawk from Now on....!!!!   But the Positive on to the ‘Weekly Workout’   I have but together another ‘MarineCorp’ Style circuits..     MarineCorp 2     As the Last one I did has been so Popular Being Used and Shared around Social Media These are intensive but well worth it..   It comprises of  8 exercises with a 5 minute run at beginning of each round.. This is then repeate...

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Morning Wake-Ups Workouts x 2 0205013

  Hi All   I think I will Today Post 2 Morning Wake Ups Workouts Today.. I have really good feed back with these little workouts, Especially When done at Home before Work, So you can get in a Quick workout, This also Wakes up your Body In the correct way Releasing Great Fat Burning Hormones and it will Energise you throughout the Day.   But Also Remembering to Eat a Good Breakfast..   Sample plan to Lunchtime: Breakfast- Lose the cereal and go for the eggs and Spinach. Snack- Tuna & Veggies Lunch- Ditch the Pasta or sandwich and opt for the salad with chicken on top instead.   So Here is the next Workout…   ...

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