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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Advantages of Kettlebell Training For Cycling

  Hi All...   I have been asked a few times about Kettlebell Training For Cycling, As I have Clients Doing a 50 mile cycle challenge soon... So here are some of my thoughts on using Kettlebells for this type of sports specific training.   Kettlebell training for cycling particular strength and conditioning is among the better ways of bringing your cycling performance to the next level!   Commonly Cyclists are infamous for demonstrating poor posture with a deficiency of core and upper body strength. The consequence of this frequently manifests as back/neck/shoulder pain in addition to loss of ability on the bike.     The cause of ...

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All New Afterburner Finisher Workout #5 21062013

  Hi All It's about that time again that I shared A new AfterBurner Finisher Workout...   But Before..   I have Purchased a New Pulling Sled from Rogue Fitness... This Sled Is really well built and is Excellent... Nice and compacted.   I can"t wait to Put my clients through some New tough workouts.. Hopefully in Parks and down at the Beach... If your looking to get a Sled try The Rogue Sled  S-35E Rogue "E" Sled   http://www.roguefitness.com/s-35e-rogue-e-sled.php   Few Pics below...         Anyways on to the Afterburner Finisher....     This one is a real Bu...

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Morning Wake-Ups Workouts No.5 15062013

  Hi all..   Let me start off first with apologises with not posting during the week, I've been really busy with clients, and writing up my 'AFTERBURNER' finishers.. So I'm discovering some "old school" techniques that still work and how to get great results..   Please be a little patient and  check out how I will "tweak" this approach for training  for some Brilliant Afterburner finishers... Also I have rigged up some old tyres to be able to do Tyre pulls loaded up with kettlebell to provide an awesome complex to any session..         But on to My Morning wake up WOW..   Remember..   Wake up, ...

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New Afterburner Finisher Workout #4 05062013

    Hi all.... I have not written a blog post for a few weeks.. Many apologises...   But As We've been getting good weather here in the Uk at the  moment, I've been busy with doing more and more 'Mobile Truck Training' Workouts....   Things are slowly getting there, with the recent good weather more people are starting to take advantage of working on their fitness outside. I need to find a regular venue near a Beach so I can take full potential of what I can offer. At the moment I am only touching on what I can really do/ what I can provide to you.       Here below is a set up before a recent outdoor training session.  ...

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