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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Should I exercise Abs or Cardio Before or After Strength Training?

    Hi All Having been busy over the past few days I have neglected this blog, But This blog post is mainly aimed at People that are New or unsure about what to do, Or more importantly when To to Abs and Cardio. I have seen plenty Of "Pt's" on how they show or structure a routine or workout and To be frank It is almost unbelievable how People are falling for these routines that are not thought out well... And Thus I am hearing on an increasingly frequent amount of times of People getting hurt...   And This from a 'PT' that was In the Marines of all things...   Just walking around chucking in any old exercise trying to make it a 'bootcamp'  is NOT t...

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Burpee Challenge 04072013

    Hi All..   All going well with My new projects. Nearly finished My 'AfterBurner Finishers' Routines, Just tweaking it out and progressing into the Layout stage. Logo below..     Hopefully should be getting this book up Soon.. Also I have finished a write up ' Training Tip for Busy People' This will be a free give away with other free stuff. So loads to do, Plus I'm still busy with 'Mobile Truck Training'   Ok Just going to give all all a Burpee Challenge this week... It progresses over 4 weeks in which the Challenge will get more intensive. If you can get through this Everyday for 4 weeks, This program you should easy Torch ...

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