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Monthly Archives: August 2013

The ultimate 30 day butt challenge

    Hi all...   Hope all is well with everyone..     So today I have made up a excellent 30 day challenge..   I get asked alot about toning up the bum, and the quickest way to do this..   Plus after watch the 2013 VMA's the other day and viewing all the posts on twitter and Facebook about Miley Cyrus, and How she really needs to tone up her Bum,     So I designed this for everyone so hopefully you will not be caught without a good toned bum..     Take this Ultimate 30 Day Butt Challenge Today!     Get your body in shape and tone up your bum with this great 30 day bum workout ...

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Afterburner Finisher no.6

  Hi everyone..     A big thank you to everyone that downloaded my last Free workout... I have made up Just the Finisher so anyone can download...     This is a Finisher to do after a workout of about 45-50 minutes, But you can easily use this Afterburner as a Workout in its self.. Just double it up if you only have 30 or so mins in gym..       Also to add...     I am fully trained and certified in many areas of training and strength and conditioning.. Apart from My CKT  (Kettlebel trained) and CrossCore, TRX, VIPR and Others...   I am certified to train people on the Indo board..  ...

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Kettlebell Burn Matrix workout 17082013

  Hi all....   Congratulations! And Thank you You’ve made a smart Choice looking at this Blog.   Okay...   In this new blog I have a few new updates plus a new Kettlebell workout with an added Extra 'Afterburner Finisher' Routine..   But First of all, I am pleased  that I have been added to  Supplement Centre.com Blog spot...   http://blog.supplementcentre.com (My spot is half way down the page)   I have been asked to do a regular guest post and to be able to test out new Products.. Also I'll  hopefully be able to Sell Supplement product at great prices, that could beat any other people that sell Supplements..   ...

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How to improve your pull ups

  Hey everyone   Thought I will write a article about How to improve your "pull up".. I have been asked many times what to do to improve or even how to do a pull up correctly.   Before we look in to the pull up or any pull variation, whether its chins,wide or other. let's look at the muscles used when doing this very effective exercise.    The main muscle groups used when performing a pull up are:   Biceps Latissimus dorsi Trapezius Rhomboids Pectorals Triceps     Main problems when people try to do a pull up are:   If new to pull ups they may over compensate with other muscle groups to aid th...

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New Flyers and New Workout.. 04082013

  Hi all...   Been a little while, But I've been very busy with clients and build my business.. It's a great reward that I have built this business from scratch and it's starting to get better and better. With New Truck training and along with working out of a Big chain gym things are going well...     I am hoping that I will start looking for my own studio sometime next year, as this is my next phase of my plans.   When you love your job, it just never feels like work.         Anyways got a couple new Flyers that will be going out soon.. I have teamed up with REVIVE..   It is a massage and re...

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