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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Quick Review of Matrix’s Ignite Pre workout Booster

  Hi All..   Okay this is my Quick Review of Matrix’s Ignite Pre workout Booster.       You can Buy Ignite Matrix Here..   Here we are talking about Ignite Matrix from Matrix it looks like a pretty decent pre-workout supplement all around for a reasonable price as well.     If I hadn’t received some free samples, I don’t think I would’ve bought it – it’s price per serving is almost as much as the ready-to-drink types of pre-workouts. That being said, surprise was that it worked really well for me.   I started with 1 scoop, I normally do with these pre workout Supplements just to load up a...

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New Afterburner Finisher plus News

    Hi All....   Been a busy couple of weeks yet again, but not complaining  :) ...   Okay, Hopefully I have a few good Ideas lined up for the next couple of Months. With a New Fit2Ski Workouts to come plus other Ebooks that I rather get going before I get beating to the punch As that's happened before to me.   Not going to discuss them just yet, As Have done in the past and Like I say I've been beaten to the punch before I could My Idea going..   So it pays everyone if you have a great Idea.. Unique or otherwise is to keep it to yourself until you can launch it..   Anyways...     I can say that my Al...

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