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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Your not Losing weight? Functional Training is the way to go!

  Hi All     Your not Losing weight?  Functional Training is the way to go!     Okay ,So have you ever gone to a gym and watched someone workout? Do you ever see anyone really workout Not just 30 mins on a cross trainer ? I mean really workout where there is sweat dripping down their back and they are barely able to breath? Probably not that often. Here is honest truth about fitness:   You are just not working hard enough if you are not losing weight! We as a population have been taught to sit down on a machine and push and pull, where the machines are doing the movements for us and even more so as newer machines use wireless tec...

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Is your Fat the Evil Adversary you wish to destroy.?

Hi.. A Topic that I do get asked about... A fat loss goal can be really hard to accomplish without some easy basic knowledge at your finger tips, with knowledge about fitness and health you will be able to figure out what direction to head in order to get the results you are looking for.   One concept to understand is how caloric expenditure works and what things need to be considered in order to achieve maximum results for burning fat. So really Lucky that everything you do burns calories, so almost any program or sports activity will create the calorie deficit that needs to be incorporated into any fat loss journey. Resistance training such as (sandbag or kettlebell t...

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Foam Roll Your Pain Away

    Hi All..   I get asked many times about Foam Rolling, When I see new clients in the Gym, And When I take them around for a session, I do from time to time get this question about what these people are doing rolling around on the ground with either a White,Blue or Orange roll of plastic.   Mostly New people joining gym have never seen this before, or barely notice these rolls when not being used.       I will try to inform people that Foam Rolling Can diminish Pain, Increase Performance, and Improve Overall Quality of Muscle Tissue, So Okay, What if I said that you can relieve your muscular pain while drastically improvi...

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Rainy day workout 03112013

  Hi all..   Just touching base here,with another workout. And an update - This is that I am writing out a few ebooks.   I was thinking in trying to write out a massive book with lots of info. But I have decide to produce many smaller ebooks, Mainly so I can update them with future volumes. Also there is Soooo much info about health, nutrition, fitness, strength training Etc Etc... That there is really too much of it about and most of it is:   A. out of date total rubbish   B. Trying to sell a supplement product.   C. Just bad advice that contradicts everything else..   D. Just To much information overload tha...

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