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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Some Strength and Conditioning tips to help in 2014

  Hi All...   This will be mos probably my last post before the new year, So I will leave this year with some information that everyone could learn from in 2014.   So This year (2013) Unquestionably, one of the more common discussions that I come across is which factor is most significant while in getting in shape. Some will argue that it's 80% diet, while others will say that it's all training (astonishing how frequently these individuals follow NO diet plan at all). I don't know that it's conceivable to put a value on any peculiar portion of bodybuilding, but below is my impression on which is the most important element of training.   In this composi...

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  Hi all...   Well Christmas is nearly here,  family parties, etc etc We are all going to experience them in some sort of way. And I'd like to share a few Christmas tip to help avoid putting on the Holiday Fat over the next few Days...         1. Eat a heavy protein meal with veggies before you attend any party. This ensures your hunger has been satisfied and you will eat less junk at your future destination.   2. Drink water before any party or family function. Drinking 3-4 glasses of water gives your stomach the illusion of feeling full and decreases your appetite.     3. Increase your Omega-3's. If you...

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12 Days Till Christmas Workout 101213

  Hi All     As the Festive season is upon us again. I have made up this great workout plan for you to enjoy..   12 Days Till Christmas workout.     I am uploading this now just a few days before the 12 days. Just so you can start it a few days early, so you don't have to complete the last day on Christmas Day.   It's pretty easy to do, as all the exercises are Bodyweight and quite easy to do... Here it is....       Just ‘Right Click” and Save image as to your computer and then upload it to your smartphone, To take anywhere…    Ps if any Exercise you don’t know of...

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Whats coming in 2014…..

  Hi all..   Been a few weeks since my last update...     So I've been busy with lots of new projects, Hopefully these will be going online in early 2014.. I've been bust writing Strength and Conditioning Articles, and my 'Afterburner Finisher' workouts.. Also I've made a new little promo video that you can see on my front page, or here below.     But I have almost finished my collection of workouts that you can download and use soon... These include lots of new ways to train, with some unique training ideas...             The '20 Fat Torching Tips, Tricks and Techniques' will be...

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