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Monthly Archives: July 2014

The best ways to Enhance and Increase Your Bench Press

    Hi all...   I get people looking through my blog such as yourself email me diet and exercise related questions all the time, which I love as it gets me thinking about how we should perform these exercise in a correct technique. And sometimes I will try to turn my responses into short articles rather than emailing the same answer numerous times. Well, here we go once again.   A reader simply sent me the following question ...   "I have actually reached a plateau on the flat bench press. I've been stuck bench pressing the same weight for weeks now. I'm literally benching the very same weight for the exact same reps now that I was ab...

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TTE Weekly Workout routine: 0030

    Hi all....       Before I start I like to mention about Personal training and some of the advantages of working with me.     Personal Training is a disciplined process toward success!   The procedure of personal training generates your very own strengths and capabilities. The experience you get will take you to an entire brand-new level of health and wellness. The advantages carry over to all elements of life. Individual Training is a collective process. Together we take advantage of your strengths and capabilities to accomplish meaningful objectives.     As your personal trainer, we will deal w...

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8 Keys to Proper Diet and Nutrition

    Hi all...     There are a couple of misconceptions about diet and nutrition. I do not generally like the word diet plan given that lots of us associate it with specific consuming practices that are followed for an amount of time and afterwards you leave the diet plan.     Nutrition on the other hand is something that all of us understand is crucial, but it just appears an expensive word that takes itself too seriously. In the end nutrition seemed to be a much better description of exactly what I really wanted to explore, so right here are some standard guidelines for any general diet plan and nutrition strategy.   A health...

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TTE Weekly Workout routine: 0029

    Hi all...     Here is this weeks Workout.. As All the workouts I have Published ( Which are All Free to download ) Can be used  at your convenience almost anywhere... With just a little bit of extra equipment you can easy squeeze this workout within 30 mins of your day...           These workouts are really a sample of what I can do for you as a personal 1 -1 trainer... And now that I have a third  Kettlebell cert.... Plus with an new qualification for Strength and Conditioning, (Which is only the beginning of my S&C journey)  and along with many other qualification, I can certainly help/guid...

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The Kettlebell Snatch: 3 Massive Perks Of This Lift!

    Hi all...   As a strength and conditioning specialist I need to claim that the kettlebell snatch is one of my personal favourite in all the kettlebell lifts that can be performed.   If you like to know why this lift is so important then allow a minute to listen and continue reading this short article.   I have trained many athletes and several clients that are serious about fitness and this solitary lift confirms to be helpful for all them!         Benefits Of The Kettlebell Snatch Lift!     1. Establishes Explosive Power:   I have actually trained many athletes and I cons...

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TTE Weekly Workout routine: 0028

    Hi all…     Burn away all the calories you consumed yesterday by following this Week 28 workout..   Again this is going to be a bit of a though one, there are no easy movements here. For the KB /DB Swings are Kettle-bell or Dumbbell Swings.     With these remember to 'pop' those hips for full extension and that this isn't squat with a high pull of the weight.       Here is Week 0028 of your Daily 30 Minute workout..             If You don’t recognise any of the Exercises in this Workout, Then Please search the relevant exercise in go...

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TTE Weekly Workout routine: 0027

    Hi all...     Sorry for the delay to this weeks workout.. It has been a busy week...     But, Week 27 is going to be a bit of a though one, there are no easy movements here..     Here is Week 0027 of your Daily 30 Minute workout..             Here is a overview of the 'Crossover Crunch'         If You don’t recognise any of the Exercises in this Workout, Then Please search the relevant exercise in google or youtube. I have tried to name the exercises as they would appear in the search engines..     A...

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Three Brilliant Ways to Burn Fat Fast

    Hi all....   Practically everyone that has ever tried to lose weight has most probably tried just about everything they could to do it at one time or another. With all of the gimmicks, fad diets, useless pills, and ‘secret’ exercise methods out there it can be frustrating trying to get rid of unwanted fat.     Now everyone knows that there really is no secret method or trick to losing weight. Everyone knows that proper diet combined with exercise is the only real way to burn fat but there are a couple of things you can do to help speed the process up a bit.         1. Sleep   If you want to wo...

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