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Monthly Archives: December 2014

TTE Weekly Workout routine: 0051 and 0052

  Hi all...   Again many apologises for being and little late with these last workouts, So I put them both together for the last week....   In the last year I have tried to give you all some FREE Workouts that you can do almost anywhere and at any time.. In total there has been 52 separate workouts using mostly bodyweight exercises and some kettlebells.. These workout s can be done one after another, or you can pick and choose which you wish to do.   But I can't believe I have done these weekly workouts for a year now, so here are the last weeks 51 and 52. Aslo I think I will make an online contest for a FREE copy of my New “4 week fat loss...

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TTE Weekly Workout routine: 0050

  Hi..     Sorry for being late again..     but Okay you week 50 routine is below. Enjoy   Please check it out my Ski fit facebook page, The Link …… https://www.facebook.com/Fit2Ski       —————————————–     Also Just to announce that I have gathered up the past 12 weeks of 30 minute workouts into 1 ebook pdf. This will be available Free to all my new clients… Plus anyone that contacts me directly.. In this ebook there are the 12 weeks worth of FREE workouts, PLUS extra nutrition and fitness tips that is not in my other FREE ebook ...

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Sensible Holiday Fitness – Some Quick Tips to Keep Fit

  Hi All....     Tis the season for Personal training Exeter?, But almost everyone worries about fitness during the holiday season. The first thing that happens is that you find yourself going to Christmas party and then partying more often. That really throws you off your normal eating habits. You end up eating and Drinking more and consuming more calories. It’s more often or not fruits and veggies that you are consuming! Yeah….           The second thing about this season is that schedules are always different for everyone. Workplaces sometimes have a reduced staff owing to holiday travel or even illnes...

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TTE Weekly Workout routine: 0049

  Hi..   I managed to get this weeks routine up early this week..:) But only a few weeks to go before the end of this 52 week routines.. I have more ideas for next year 2015, with stuff like online 6 and 12 week training programs, But Not like 'every other trainer' as i seem to find and hear that there are mostly the same, Ie, these trainers get their programs from the internet and then charge you for them, without any personalisation to you.. Mine will be different... That why it is taking me more time to get ready..     But  a little taster or what I can do is my.. 4 Week fat loss workout e book… It will be on sale very soon…   ...

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TTE Weekly Workout routine: 0048

Hi.. Again So sorry that this weeks workout is a day late, been mega busy... Yet again But Just a nice reminder my 4 Week fat loss workout e book… It will be on sale very soon…       Week 48 is now available for your sweating enjoyment. I am thinking for week 52 giving away some sort of online training package keep an eye out for more details.   Enjoy     Also I have plans  involving a Ski fit facebook page,   In which i will give you hints and tips to get ready for the ski season.. It’s going to be awesome….   Please check it out The Link …… https://www.facebook.com/Fit2Ski &nbs...

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