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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Kettlebell Swings – Superb fitness For Females That Want Results!

    Hi All...   I have been a strength and conditioning Coach as well as a Personal trainer right here in the Exeter, Devon for well over DECADE now. So Ladies, I need to say that if you are serious about getting results from your workouts then I can help you here with this one excellent complete total body lift.   If any females are wanting to develop strong thighs, hips, back, as well as merely general complete body that you have always wanted. Then you have got to discover and apply the kettlebell swing into your routines.   Keep on reading if I have your interest.         Fitness For Women! &nb...

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2 Amazing Outdoor Workouts For Females to obtain a Sculpted Beach Body!

  Hi all...     With Winter now on the way out, It is now the time to start focusing on the summer and Especially for you ladies to get your Beach Body you've always wanted...   I have been Writing up loads of new article and workouts that I will eventually publish in a series of Ebooks.     But in the mean time I will give you a Little heads up on 2 great routines...   So then.. If you are a Female wanting to develop a super fit beach body without the requirement for expensive equipment  then this is defiantly your ticket. As a professional fitness trainer and strength and conditioning specialist, I always try and take...

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