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Monthly Archives: April 2015

New Bikini body workout sample

  Hi all...   I have been working on lots of new workout plans and routines..   I have made up everything from a 12 week challenge program, ( Which is proving to be something really special as it's already working for people that is doing a trails of this)     Plus many other Ebooks including an 8  week Bikini Beach Body workouts, Ab/core book, An Jump rope workout, Plus quick start guides and Fat loss trackers. All ebooks will include Nutrition advise and some sort of meal planning...     The meal planning has taking me some time to get right, As I have found loads of "other" Pt's giving away Plans but to be honest the...

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Free Fat Loss Tips That Work.

    Hi all.   If you are looking for some free fat loss tips then read this article, Plus Feel free to download my FREE Ebook with even more tips. Not only do you receive this information for free by me but On the plus side these tips won't cost you a penny unlike expensive fat loss pills and conventional diets that don't work.   If you are looking for fat loss tips you are probably overwhelmed with information and on the other hand a lot if not all of the information is ridiculous bullshit. These free fat loss tips are not like magic pills or wonderful diets they work but it take some time to see results.   When you take pills you see temp...

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Nutrition – Get Your Nutrition correct to Achieve Your Fitness Goals!

  Hi all..   Good nutrition is defiantly the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. It is essential to maintaining optimal physical and mental performance, to defending against infectious and chronic diseases, and to living a long and healthy life. Yes I admit I have sometimes have an aggressive approach when it comes to achieving results. Now when I say this I don't want to come across as arrogant, but rather come across as logical.   For example, I know that its easier to walk with comfortable shoes and its certainly easier to fly somewhere on a long distance trip than driving. These examples may seem silly to you, yet many people don't use this logic when ...

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