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Monthly Archives: May 2015

For Great toned Legs – The Single Best Leg Workout For Women is Right Here!

  Hi all...   If you want Great toned legs then you must have to include kettlebell training into your leg workouts. I have included a single kettlebell lift that will drastically improve your leg muscle workouts in other articles or when I train/coach people.   But Please Allow yourself a minute to read and apply the following kettlebell lift into your personal fitness and strength program to develop the best set of legs possible! As you may know by now kettlebells are being used to forge some of the greatest bodies on the planet. The fact is that this device has been doing just that for centuries. Today everyone from Hollywood stars to the average ho...

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What is Visceral Fat and How can I Remove it

    Hi all..     I'd like to take a little time and Explain about Visceral Fat and What it is and does.   Most of us recognise what visceral fat is, kind of. Have you ever seen someone from the back appear like they could be healthy, well specified arms and legs, extensive shoulders then when they reverse OMG! there's a huge extremely noticeable abdomen, beer-belly city! That prolonged abdominal area is probably caused by visceral fat.   I get asked quite a bit about reducing Fat , But there re a few things you need to know about Visceral Fat. Visceral fat is the intra-abdominal fat that surrounds your organs deep in the centre of your ...

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