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3 Common Muscle Function Trouble Areas In A lot of People!


Hi All…

Having been in business of training with general people and some athletes now for over nearly 10 years, I have actually discovered a trend which provides a trouble in the majority of people within 3 different locations.
When performing most accomplishments of activity you have got to be able to manipulate and control your body in certain ways in order to lift, move, and control both your own body resistance and an external load as well I have mostly found that these motions or lack of largely come down to 3 various trouble areas.

Also to mention these are not in any particular order, It’s just 3 common areas I see when in the gym when people are training.


Muscular Function Trouble Locations:




Issue Area # 1: The “Get Your Butt Back” or Hinge


I am seeing a lack of hip action within exercises. I remember learning through my instructors and coaches to “Get your butt back” when doing squats.
Pushing your “butt back” or hinging at the hips when executing certain acts as squatting, cleaning, or dead lifting is essential, yet this is just one of the largest physical battles I witness among both athletes as well as your average “gym goer “
Most every time people can’t do this while maintaining a straight back. Hinging at the hips is an action that most people will have to retrain their body to do due to a lack of body control and poor habits from sitting in a crouched position all the time.

When having someone demonstrate a body weight squat for the very first time its as if they wish to do everything, and yet just what I’m hoping they will certainly do.
This example is vital in every world of sports performance due to the fact that you have actually reached have your hips in order to run, leap, obstruct, take on, as well as kick! Each one of these physical acts are established by the amount of hip drive the person has in order to be effective. Discovering how you can properly execute hip flexion while keeping a flat back is vital.



This is something that could be corrected by utilising a straightforward broom stick with position along the spinal column. When I show to them the act of maintaining a level back throughout this specific activity, I typically utilise this on someone else for a demo. If they begin to slouch or round the shoulders the stick will quickly expose it..
Additional, I use is a bench behind the individual. I have them interlock their fingers behind their head and also tell them to aim their elbows out to their sides. ( This is sometimes called a Prisoner squat) Once they descend into the squat to touch bench they can not round their back or slouch due to the fact that the shoulder blades are forced to the appropriate retraction or thoracic extension .


After practising this for a while they could at some point continue this without having to put their hands behind their head.
This will eventually Help with Hinging at the hips, But there is tons more I can say about this.

But Really I need to see you for Real to watch and Detect and correct any issues..




Issue Area# 2: Packing The Shoulders:



This is something of a difficult factor with a lot of people. It looks like a many people often have a whole lot shoulder issues due to both not training effectively and/or also not learning the best ways to safeguard the shoulders throughout particular exercises.

This normally ends up being apparent when seeing them press a weight overhead or out in front of them.


I like to provide you something to think on. Imagine pressing a weight overhead. Now consider the position of your shoulder joint. Is it extended “out of the socket?” Does it really feel unstable? If so after that you are not drawing the shoulder right into the joint or “packing it” the way you should when carrying out specific top body activities.

Elevating the shoulder girdle must simply be done when doing some type of particular “pulling action” such as a barbell clean or power shrug. As much as pushing a weight overhead you have to make sure that you are practically underweighting or depressing the shoulder, and also not elevating it throughout the process. Or else you are leaving the joint at risk and subject to injury.





Issue Area # 3:  The Pelvic Tilt:







The pelvic tilt is something that a many people fall short to do when needing to sustain their body during times of stress.
I have observed one point its that a lot of control and power from our body comes from the hips, and pelvis.
Being able to engage our hips throughout particular motions and also activities is vital, if we expect to have stability and control over ourselves during certain physical acts. The pelvic tilt, for example, is essential when performing a kettlebell press or one arm push up.



I am using these extreme examples to drive home the point that when performing them both you have got to maintain a very straight rigid body.
Somehow a lot of people can’t “really feel” or “perform” this when having to keep both their knees extended and locked with their hips. They either secure their knees and also maintain flexion at the hip, or merely have a difficult time totally prolonging the hips altogether because of having tight hip flexors.



Now when performing a one arm raise or a true overhead kettlebell press there has to be a full extension of the hips as well as the knees. Tucking in the tailbone while tightening the glutes is an essential action if you anticipate to maintain rigidity and also support, especially throughout specific acts as explained right here.



Its about wise training!






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