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3 Day Split workout…


Hi All…


Been really busy in last few weeks, with this that and other..
I have been tuning up Skis for people that are going away to the slopes..
Lucky them… (I’ll be going soon)



My workout have been going great, although I’ve been taking a Creatine Blend, Which has been bloating me out a little,
But soon that should go,
I’ve been gaining good strength and I’ve been Looking at new ways to help me to help my clients with Technique and Form..
I can’t say often enough that I see so many ppl and “trainers” not knowing to keep good form throughout an exercise.
Anyways that’s for another ‘Rant’ Post…



But Here today I have put on The first of a 3day Split that you can download..
This is a Chest and Back…
I shall upload the other 2  Legs and Abs – Shoulders and Arms  and bonus Kettlebell and Finisher workout in the next few days.






Just ‘Right Click” and Save image as to your computer and then upload it to your smartphone,
To take anywhere…



That’s it for now..



‘Learn to Love that Burn’  :)