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A Merry Christmas From The Trainers Edge


Hi all….


It is nearly Christmas And It’s a great feeling that I’ve helped so many people though out this year..

Here is a Nice Testimonial From A Client..



Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 14.57.49


I am going to continue in 2016 With my studies, Always keep learning so I can pass my knowledge on you…

> Solid Track Record

> Raw Experience

> Most of all Credentials…..


and Finally to be a qualified S&C coach to my highest ability..


With that I will share some Pointers for this Holiday Season..


Okay Let make sure that your waistline does not grow with the Holiday  season. It’s a season to be happy so if you participate in many festivities throughout this period.


The pressure from friends and family is on us to drink and eat much throughout the holiday season.

Emotional eating also has the tendency to sneak in as it’s a happy time. Many people go on holiday during this time so you eat more while you’re having a good time with friends and family. You still need to take care of your health.

So here Below are some ideas on the best ways to stay healthy during the holiday season.


Pointer 1: Don’t concentrate on reducing weight now, instead eat healthy and enjoy. Maintaining your weight is a great idea particularly throughout the festive season. Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself.


Pointer 2: Try not to go on a diet plan after New Year. Rather eat in small amounts during the festive season.


Pointer 3: Don’t avoid meals in anticipation making room for the next meal as this is not a good idea. You are likely to over eat. Rather have a light snack prior to leaving for a function.


Pointer 4: Stay physically active even when you are on vacation. Stay in your exercise regimen to burn those extra calories. Go for long strolls, jog on the beach or go swimming.


Pointer 5: Eat your food gradually, by doing this you will get complete quicker and stay full for a longer duration.


Pointer 6: Reduce fat consumption. There are plenty of low fat or low calorie replaces that taste terrific.


Pointer 7: If you need to decide to go out, try taking some healthy goodies as this will make other food much easier to withstand.


Pointer 8: Try new and healthy dishes and share them with friends and family.


Pointer 9: Choose your drink sensibly. Alcohol is high in calories however water and diet sodas are calorie complimentary. Try to keep away from too much juice and soda. Limit your intake to 1 or 2 alcohols per function.


Pointer 10: Don’t let food be your focus this holiday season. Holidays are a time to reunite with family and friends.











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Train Real Hard and Eat Real Food – It’s that simple!




Jason..  Your Personal trainer in Exeter