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Advantages of Personal Training


Personalised workouts — not just for the rich and famous!
You may think using a personal trainer is out of your reach — reserved only for a “special” few. But that’s not the case! These days, people of all fitness, age and economic levels use personal trainers. And depending on your fitness goals, you may have a variety of training options available at the gym, work or at home.
So, why are personal trainers so popular? At The Trainers Edge we assess your physical condition and develop a workout designed just for you, saving you time and reducing the risk of injury. You can choose to use a us once a week, twice or as many times as you wish. It’s an entirely customised way of exercising.


So Why Use A Personal Trainer?
Some of my Personal training clients range from those just starting out to elite sports athletes. And since there are very few one-size-fits-all workouts, you can understand how there are people at both ends of the spectrum that need more personalised exercise solutions.
Here are a number of reasons why people choose to work with personal trainers and choose The Trainers Edge.


You’re Not Seeing Results…
If you’ve been exercising consistently for several weeks or months and aren’t seeing the changes you’d like,
hiring a trainer may be a good choice. A trainer can look at your current program and eating habits and help you
see where you could make changes to create more effective workouts. A trainer can also help you determine if the goals you’ve set are realistic for you. So that’s where we at The Trainers Edge come in.


Overall fitness improvement….
Better strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health, endurance, coordination, posture and balance can be achieved through exercises customised for your fitness level.


Weight loss….
Body fat reduction and weight management goals are sometimes too tough to tackle alone.
Turning to the expert advice to develop the right blend of coaching and appropriate movement can make changes happen Fast and long lasting. We Can also educate you and Learn healthy eating tips,
Most personal trainers have basic nutritional knowledge and experience, At The Trainers Edge we can talk with you about making the best healthier food choices.


We will keep you on track and motivated so you can stick with the program we provide and change. Then we will can motivate you to push past those self-imposed limits, encouraging you to lift heavier, go longer and challenge yourself more than you would on your own to meet all your fitness goals.


Learn proper technique…
This is Crucial, Whether you’re new to exercising, bored with your current routine or just want to brush up on proper form,
We can teach you the right way to use different equipment or perform other strength exercises so you get the fullest benefit and and more importantly stay safe.


Guidance …
A personal trainer can be a great role model and source of inspiration for living healthy. They can also introduce you to different forms of workouts that you may not have considered on your own.
The Fitness world is always changing and evolving with new exercises, techniques, scientific findings and equipment.
Learn the latest and greatest ways to workout by spending time with a knowledgeable trainer.


Working with a Health/Medical condition…
If you have any specific issues like arthritis, heart disease, old injuries, etc., working with an experienced trainer (who works with your doctor, of course) can help you find a program to help heal injuries and avoid any further problems. It’s also a great idea to work with a trainer if you’re pregnant and want a safe, effective workout to keep you healthy and fit..


Improve Sports Performance…
Is your golf game lacking? Want to feel confident while skiing? Just communicate your sport and fitness goals to us and we can create a workout that focuses on your weak areas or enhances those muscle groups specifically needed for optimum performance in your sport.\


You Want to Workout at Home…
If you’d like to exercise at home but either don’t have a lot of equipment or aren’t sure how to use what you have, in-home personal training is an excellent choice. We can show you exactly how to use what you have to get the best workout for you or We can bring equipment with us in our full kitted out Truck to give you a great workout. We at The Trainers Edge can also make recommendations for equipment that will help you reach your goals.


So Lastly Finding A Qualified Trainer
When looking for a personal trainer that’s right for you, it’s most important to ask about his or her qualifications and certifications.
Certifications — At a minimum, your personal trainer needs to have been certified by a nationally- recognised health and fitness organisation.
Ongoing education — What does your trainer do for continuing education? Do they attend seminars and conferences; take online courses; do they have additional certifications or specialities?

If you wish for more information about fitness and Personal training, Please contact me