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The best ways to Enhance and Increase Your Bench Press



Hi all…


I get people looking through my blog such as yourself email me diet and exercise related questions all the time,

which I love as it gets me thinking about how we should perform these exercise in a correct technique.

And sometimes I will try to turn my responses into short articles rather than emailing the same answer numerous times.
Well, here we go once again.


A reader simply sent me the following question …


“I have actually reached a plateau on the flat bench press. I’ve been stuck bench pressing the same weight for weeks now. I’m literally benching the very same weight for the exact same reps now that I was about 3 months ago.


How can I increase my bench press once again? Exactly what are the very best exercise tips for enhancing once again?”.



Here now is my response …



How Do I Enhance My Bench Press?



I honestly get questions like this all the time about basically every weight lifting kettlebell exercise you can consider (from squats, to KB Snatches, to even bicep curls).


However, the flat barbell bench press is BY FAR the exercise people (mainly younger males) are most frequently attempting to increase.



But obviously is why there is constantly some foolish brand-new post promising to assist you “Add 20 kg To Your Bench Press In Simply 3 Weeks !!!” in every fitness publication and bodybuilding website every other day.



As opposed to makes false pledges like that or claim to help you make development at a rate you never actually will (those articles are all bullshit), I wish to instead run down 5 usual reasons you are not able to enhance your bench press, together with the workout ideas you’ll need to repair them.







Right here we go …


1 You’re Not Being Realistic.


Before we get to the real exercise tips, the first thing you need to do is be practical.
No one will certainly have the ability to regularly enhance their bench press by 5 kg each and every single workout of every week for a considerable amount of time.

It doesn’t work like that. If it did, we ‘d all probably be bench pressing 500kg at this point.


The truth is, once you’re past the novices phase (which is when strength and muscle gains occur faster than they ever will certainly once again), increases in strength are going to slowly decrease as you grow and more powerful.

So, what a single person could think about a “bench press plateau” might really simply be them increasing their bench press at a regular, reasonable rate.


Exactly what I suggest is, even if you have the ability to increase by one rep every other workout, it implies that you ARE able to increase and are not stuck in a plateau. Do not expect to be able to enhance your bench press week in and week out by considerable quantities. You will not, and attempting and failing to will simply lead to dissatisfaction or worse … injury.


Rather, your objective is to enhance as frequently as is realistically possible for you, your body, and your experience/strength level.


2 You’re Not Benching Frequently Enough.


Here’s a concern for you. Are you still training each muscle group once weekly? If so, that indicates you’re only bench pressing as soon as weekly.

And if you’re doing that, you better have AMAZING genetic makeups and/or be utilising steroids, because these tend to be individuals who get the finest arise from this once-a-week frequency.

On the other hand, this exercise frequency absolutely terrible for the rest people natural, genetically typical people, and real scientific researches prove it. Yes, it can still work, it’s simply the least efficient method to exercise. Rather, we require to train more typically than that in order to get the very best strength and muscle structure outcomes.

How often? Well, usually, we have to train each muscle group 2 or 3 times weekly. Novices must stick to 3 times, and intermediates/advanced trainees should stick with twice.

This enhanced weight lifting frequency is crucial if you want to be able to increase your bench press as swiftly and efficiently as possible.


3 Your Total Exercise Regimen Might Suck.


Besides frequency (like I just mentioned), there are a lot of other elements in your workout regimen that have to be set up appropriately in order for it to work.

Not simply for those other muscle groups and workouts … but for the bench press you’re trying to increase.

There’s volume, intensity, exercise option, your overall weight raising split and frequency, set and rep varieties, rest and recovery, preventing over training, and more.

Simply messing up one of these factors could be enough to mess up your ability to increase your bench press. Trying to cover all those elements in this one post would be difficult, but I’ve actually covered them all throughout this site.


My overview of designing exercise routines is an excellent location to start.


4 Your Triceps muscles or Shoulders Might Be Your Weak Point.


This kind of chooses exactly what I was just saying about the rest of your workout regimen being essential, but it’s worth pointing out individually.


As you might or could not know, the bench press is not just a chest workout. There is likewise a lots of shoulder and triceps recruitment as well.

Do you understand what that suggests? If your shoulders and/or triceps muscles are a powerlessness for you, they will most absolutely avoid you from enhancing your bench press.


So … focus on turning your powerlessness into strengths and watch how it carries over to other exercises and muscle groups.


5  Your Form Might Not Be Ideal.


There is a remarkably large amount that goes into the bench press (and other chest exercises) effectively besides just going all the way up and all the way down.

And, it’s these other aspects of correct type that play a huge role in how strong you are when benching.


The 3 most important tips for good form that come to mind are:.


– Use leg drive.
Yes Believe it or not, your legs are a fundamental part of your bench press.

A bench press is really a full body exercise. As any world class power lifter will certainly tell you, correct leg drive is key. So, while always keeping your butt and upper back on the bench, push your feet hard into the floor as if you are trying to make your body slide up the bench. With a barbell in your hand, this will not really occur.

What will happen however is an extra burst of power coming from your legs that will certainly translate into even more power when pressing that bar up. Attempt it and see for yourself.


– Tuck your elbows a bit.
The majority of individuals improperly bench “bodybuilding design,” meanings elbows flared out all the method to the sides. This is not just bad for strength, but it’s definitely awful for shoulder wellness.

Rather, your elbows need to be semi-tucked in to the sides of your body. You’ll be more powerful this method, and you’ll prevent many shoulder injuries.


– Arc your lower back and stick your chest out.
Like I stated a second earlier, your butt and upper back should continue to be on the bench at all times. However, your lower back must be arched up off of it to some degree and your chest ought to be punctuated.

This is all part of getting into a tight and powerful position, I call this the arch of tension.. and that is among the keys to being able to increase your bench press.




Now Start Enhancing Once again.

So, that’s how to increase your bench press. In my opinion, those are the 5 most usual factors for why a person would be having troubles increasing, and those are the most typical exercise pointers for fixing those problems and enhancing once more.


Incorporate them all into your very own exercise routine (and diet plan) and watch the weight start racking up once again.




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 KMF  ” Keep moving Forward’