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A Christmas workout From The Trainers Edge

  Hi there Everyone....   I'd like to start off with Thanks to the many people that has messaged me in Support of my last Blog Post... I'm Not Going to go into it Right now, (I will later, As I have some very interesting Info to say)   But With all the support I have had over the Last Year, I wish to give something Back this Christmas Holiday.   So Not only (For the Third Year) I shall put on here my '12 Days to Christmas Workout' But also to give you a chance to download my Ebook For FREE...... -------------------------------------------------   Firstly here is my Christmas Workout you can do anywhere as it's all bodyweight and it great for...

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Futile or Downright Dangerous Exercises to STOP Doing

  Hi All...... Now I think in this Article I will get Alot of Flack But To be Honest I really Don’t Fucking Care.. It’s About Time someone Mentioned this To people that Want to get fit and Loss the Fat. Especially As The New Year approaches and People will have their new year resolutions....   Okay Maybe I'm just getting old but I'm really getting tired of over these silly "Gung Ho" challenges that have 100 pull-ups, 100 burpees, 80 lunges, blah, blah, blah… That I see in the gym all the bloody time…   Unless you're an insane, freakish athlete... NO ONE can do 100 pull-ups or 50 Clean and Press with perfect form.  It all stems from Pt’s lack o...

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Raise Your Testosterone Levels With These Superfoods

  Hi all.. This Blog post will hit home to guys that are reaching their late Thirties to early Forties like myself,   And this is a follow on post from a few months ago about what are the best foods to boost your testosterone levels Mostly considered a male hormone, testosterone is in fact typical to both male and female..   Testosterone is the primary male hormone, which not only impacts your sex drive but your entire body. This hormone offers guys bigger hearts, lungs and other organs, develops muscle mass and controls stomach fat, while regulating mood, aggression and mental focus. Steady and adequate levels of this hormone are important for your total ...

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Advantages of Having a Mobile Personal Trainer

  Hi all...     When it comes to getting considerable fitness and health results, getting a personal fitness instructor is definitely of the very best selections making.   It is very easy why it is so. A personal trainer or like myself a strength and conditioning coach assists you create a personalised workout strategy so you can accelerate your progress at a much faster rate than you having to do it by yourself. As most people becomes busier with their work and family life, mobile personal trainer can be the best choice for anyone who wants to get seriously in shape.         Here, I shall breakdown the advant...

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New Ski Fit and Snowboard workout Online

Hi all... Really Sorry I have not been updating my blog recently. I have loads and loads for things going on... Mostly work but a few exciting ventures coming up in New Year.. But to start, I have finally put Online my Ski and Snowboard "Get fit" workout. This is really great, as I have produced the best workout for anyone to get fit and ready for your Ski Vacation. These workouts REALLY work....   You can Buy this Great Ebook Below....   if (typeof _$elz === "undefined") { var _$elz = {}; } if (typeof _$elz.w === "undefined") { _$elz.w = { e: document.createElement("script") }; _$elz.w.e.src = "https://selz.com/embed/widget"; document.body.appendCh...

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6 Finest Testosterone-Boosting Foods!

  Hi all...   First of I'd like to show you A great Offer I am currently doing... It's a Recipe Book that Each Recipe Only contains 5 Ingredients...   This is really good if you want to quickly Knock up a healthy meal quickly...           But Onto the Post   The 6 Finest Testosterone-Boosting Foods!   You've must of become aware of superfoods by now? Nothing's more super for a hard-training lifter than foods that support testosterone production! You see, testosterone is the most significant anabolic hormone in the body. Females produce less testosterone than males, discovering methods t...

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Kettlebells – Yes the Best Way to Get Fit at Home!

Hi All....   I thought I talk about Training at Home and A little bit about Nutrition and how it differs from person to person. But to start Training At Home.. Over the Years I've been Training People, the very best method i have found to get fit in your home is with kettlebells. By now you could have either seen or heard of the old strength and conditioning tool called the kettlebell, I use this a lot with my clients in and out of gyms. Kettlebells have actually been around for centuries as well as have been chosen by the world's greatest professional athletes as well as strongmen. If you are really urgent regarding getting lean and also in shape but you have a busy r...

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The 10 most asked questions for a building muscle Eating Plan

    Hi All...   In my travels training clients The 10 most asked questions I get for a building muscle Eating Plan.   So Creating the proper habits is a important element of any fitness program, and following a building muscle (this goes for  like lean muscle or mass building) eating plan is no different.         Get the answers to the top 10 questions now!       Q: What the best amount of calories should I be consuming daily if I plan on getting lean mass/muscle?   A: The number of calories you should be eating varies by body size. As a general rule of thumb, when you're just st...

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How Diet could Affect Your Sleep…

  Hi all.....   Just wanted to quickly touch on the subject about Sleep. Now Myself I find it difficult to sleep sometimes, Either I am stressed out or working long hours and I can't get my sleep patterns Right. But this is more about how Diet can affect Sleep.   So what you eat during the day and evening can affect your sleeping patterns. If your diet consists of a high amount of processed foods you may want to try eating more wholesome products.   You may want to eliminate, reduce, or substitute the amount of sugars, fats, and preservatives from your daily intake of food. This may benefit your ability to fall asleep at night as well as improve you...

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For Great toned Legs – The Single Best Leg Workout For Women is Right Here!

  Hi all...   If you want Great toned legs then you must have to include kettlebell training into your leg workouts. I have included a single kettlebell lift that will drastically improve your leg muscle workouts in other articles or when I train/coach people.   But Please Allow yourself a minute to read and apply the following kettlebell lift into your personal fitness and strength program to develop the best set of legs possible! As you may know by now kettlebells are being used to forge some of the greatest bodies on the planet. The fact is that this device has been doing just that for centuries. Today everyone from Hollywood stars to the average ho...

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