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Category Archives: Core Workouts

New Bikini body workout sample

  Hi all...   I have been working on lots of new workout plans and routines..   I have made up everything from a 12 week challenge program, ( Which is proving to be something really special as it's already working for people that is doing a trails of this)     Plus many other Ebooks including an 8  week Bikini Beach Body workouts, Ab/core book, An Jump rope workout, Plus quick start guides and Fat loss trackers. All ebooks will include Nutrition advise and some sort of meal planning...     The meal planning has taking me some time to get right, As I have found loads of "other" Pt's giving away Plans but to be honest the...

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The Best Core Strength Exercise For Runners, Period!

    Hi all...   I’ve recently Been training with a new Client and She is really serious into running 5K, 10K and higher. So I have included a single exercise here that will immediately improve her and your running performance and enhance your fitness to the next level.       If you want to dominate your competition or old times then keep on reading....   Muscle strengthening exercises for runners are an absolute must if you intend on being competitive. Whether or not you run for competition or recreation you cannot expect to do well and prolong your abilities without the implementation of smart and effective strengt...

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TTE Weekly Workout routine: 0024

    Hi all….     For Week 0024 of your weekly/Daily 30 Minute workout, this will involve alot of cardio and ab intensive workout.   Alternating from high intensity cardio like Ice Skaters and step ups to a variety of ab and core exercise that will target your Core, Abdominals and glutes.       Here is Week 0024 of your Daily 30 Minute workout..             f You don’t recognise any of the Exercises in this Workout, Then Please search the relevant exercise in google or youtube. I have tried to name the exercises as they would appear in the search engines.....

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12 Days Till Christmas Workout 101213

  Hi All     As the Festive season is upon us again. I have made up this great workout plan for you to enjoy..   12 Days Till Christmas workout.     I am uploading this now just a few days before the 12 days. Just so you can start it a few days early, so you don't have to complete the last day on Christmas Day.   It's pretty easy to do, as all the exercises are Bodyweight and quite easy to do... Here it is....       Just ‘Right Click” and Save image as to your computer and then upload it to your smartphone, To take anywhere…    Ps if any Exercise you don’t know of...

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New Afterburner Finisher plus News

    Hi All....   Been a busy couple of weeks yet again, but not complaining  :) ...   Okay, Hopefully I have a few good Ideas lined up for the next couple of Months. With a New Fit2Ski Workouts to come plus other Ebooks that I rather get going before I get beating to the punch As that's happened before to me.   Not going to discuss them just yet, As Have done in the past and Like I say I've been beaten to the punch before I could My Idea going..   So it pays everyone if you have a great Idea.. Unique or otherwise is to keep it to yourself until you can launch it..   Anyways...     I can say that my Al...

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The ultimate 30 day butt challenge

    Hi all...   Hope all is well with everyone..     So today I have made up a excellent 30 day challenge..   I get asked alot about toning up the bum, and the quickest way to do this..   Plus after watch the 2013 VMA's the other day and viewing all the posts on twitter and Facebook about Miley Cyrus, and How she really needs to tone up her Bum,     So I designed this for everyone so hopefully you will not be caught without a good toned bum..     Take this Ultimate 30 Day Butt Challenge Today!     Get your body in shape and tone up your bum with this great 30 day bum workout ...

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Burpee Challenge 04072013

    Hi All..   All going well with My new projects. Nearly finished My 'AfterBurner Finishers' Routines, Just tweaking it out and progressing into the Layout stage. Logo below..     Hopefully should be getting this book up Soon.. Also I have finished a write up ' Training Tip for Busy People' This will be a free give away with other free stuff. So loads to do, Plus I'm still busy with 'Mobile Truck Training'   Ok Just going to give all all a Burpee Challenge this week... It progresses over 4 weeks in which the Challenge will get more intensive. If you can get through this Everyday for 4 weeks, This program you should easy Torch ...

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Morning Wake-Ups Workouts No.4 12052013

  Hi All...   Welcome to another Morning Wake up Workout, Doing this kind of exercise is such a wonderful way to start the day – and it’ll wake you up better than a cup of coffee.   But There are a few things I need you to know about regarding fuelling your body, Many So called trainers I have seen and heard say almost the complete opposite with Training in the morning.   A number of studies have examined exercising before breakfast versus exercise after breakfast – and the findings have been split. One study found that exercising before breakfast resulted in muscle loss. Another study concluded exercise before breakfast resulted in fat ...

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New Finisher Workout… 25022013

  Hi All   So next in my FREE workout routine you can download, Is a really good Finisher... This can be done at the end of any workout, ( If you feel up to it) Or And stand alone routine if your tight for time.. Parts 2 and 3 of my - Beginner 3 day split - will be uploaded soon FREE for you to download.       Just ‘Right Click” and Save image as to your computer and then upload it to your smartphone, To take anywhere…   That’s it for now..   Enjoy And ‘Learn to Love that Burn’    Jason...

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New Weekly workout – Finisher no.1

  Hello All..   So another week gone and it's nearly February... My 'Mobile Truck Training' is progressing nicely I will be starting Filming promo vids very soon... So If anyone would like to come along to try out this Unique fun way for fitness Training, Then please give contact me.. I will be starting with Free Taster sessions to get everyone used to this style of fitness. It is starting to generate good interest, even from some professional sports athletes.. Pic below is the final Rear View of Truck..     Ok....   Well on to the Workout for this week... I haven't posted one for a few weeks, But here is one of my 'Finishers...

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