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Category Archives: Finishers

Your not Losing weight? Functional Training is the way to go!

  Hi All     Your not Losing weight?  Functional Training is the way to go!     Okay ,So have you ever gone to a gym and watched someone workout? Do you ever see anyone really workout Not just 30 mins on a cross trainer ? I mean really workout where there is sweat dripping down their back and they are barely able to breath? Probably not that often. Here is honest truth about fitness:   You are just not working hard enough if you are not losing weight! We as a population have been taught to sit down on a machine and push and pull, where the machines are doing the movements for us and even more so as newer machines use wireless tec...

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Rainy day workout 03112013

  Hi all..   Just touching base here,with another workout. And an update - This is that I am writing out a few ebooks.   I was thinking in trying to write out a massive book with lots of info. But I have decide to produce many smaller ebooks, Mainly so I can update them with future volumes. Also there is Soooo much info about health, nutrition, fitness, strength training Etc Etc... That there is really too much of it about and most of it is:   A. out of date total rubbish   B. Trying to sell a supplement product.   C. Just bad advice that contradicts everything else..   D. Just To much information overload tha...

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New Afterburner Finisher plus News

    Hi All....   Been a busy couple of weeks yet again, but not complaining  :) ...   Okay, Hopefully I have a few good Ideas lined up for the next couple of Months. With a New Fit2Ski Workouts to come plus other Ebooks that I rather get going before I get beating to the punch As that's happened before to me.   Not going to discuss them just yet, As Have done in the past and Like I say I've been beaten to the punch before I could My Idea going..   So it pays everyone if you have a great Idea.. Unique or otherwise is to keep it to yourself until you can launch it..   Anyways...     I can say that my Al...

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New Equipment Additions plus Afterburner Finisher no.7

  Hi all... Having missed last week blog update, due to be busy with many things going on.. Looking around for a suitable place to set up my New studio, Plus writing out Some hints and tips for fitness and Mini Course to be giving away for free.. When I get around to finally sorting it out... LOL It will be coming soon...     Also I have been neglecting  some of my HITT cardio  and my 'Afterburner Finishers" routine Because mainly I have been mainly on a Hypertrophy-Specific Training phase...     But I have got a new piece of Equipment... From ROGUE fitness is a WAR Hammer... I bought this due to my Sledge hammer that I had Broke... Well ...

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The ultimate 30 day butt challenge

    Hi all...   Hope all is well with everyone..     So today I have made up a excellent 30 day challenge..   I get asked alot about toning up the bum, and the quickest way to do this..   Plus after watch the 2013 VMA's the other day and viewing all the posts on twitter and Facebook about Miley Cyrus, and How she really needs to tone up her Bum,     So I designed this for everyone so hopefully you will not be caught without a good toned bum..     Take this Ultimate 30 Day Butt Challenge Today!     Get your body in shape and tone up your bum with this great 30 day bum workout ...

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Afterburner Finisher no.6

  Hi everyone..     A big thank you to everyone that downloaded my last Free workout... I have made up Just the Finisher so anyone can download...     This is a Finisher to do after a workout of about 45-50 minutes, But you can easily use this Afterburner as a Workout in its self.. Just double it up if you only have 30 or so mins in gym..       Also to add...     I am fully trained and certified in many areas of training and strength and conditioning.. Apart from My CKT  (Kettlebel trained) and CrossCore, TRX, VIPR and Others...   I am certified to train people on the Indo board..  ...

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Kettlebell Burn Matrix workout 17082013

  Hi all....   Congratulations! And Thank you You’ve made a smart Choice looking at this Blog.   Okay...   In this new blog I have a few new updates plus a new Kettlebell workout with an added Extra 'Afterburner Finisher' Routine..   But First of all, I am pleased  that I have been added to  Supplement Centre.com Blog spot...   http://blog.supplementcentre.com (My spot is half way down the page)   I have been asked to do a regular guest post and to be able to test out new Products.. Also I'll  hopefully be able to Sell Supplement product at great prices, that could beat any other people that sell Supplements..   ...

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All New Afterburner Finisher Workout #5 21062013

  Hi All It's about that time again that I shared A new AfterBurner Finisher Workout...   But Before..   I have Purchased a New Pulling Sled from Rogue Fitness... This Sled Is really well built and is Excellent... Nice and compacted.   I can"t wait to Put my clients through some New tough workouts.. Hopefully in Parks and down at the Beach... If your looking to get a Sled try The Rogue Sled  S-35E Rogue "E" Sled   http://www.roguefitness.com/s-35e-rogue-e-sled.php   Few Pics below...         Anyways on to the Afterburner Finisher....     This one is a real Bu...

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Morning Wake-Ups Workouts No.5 15062013

  Hi all..   Let me start off first with apologises with not posting during the week, I've been really busy with clients, and writing up my 'AFTERBURNER' finishers.. So I'm discovering some "old school" techniques that still work and how to get great results..   Please be a little patient and  check out how I will "tweak" this approach for training  for some Brilliant Afterburner finishers... Also I have rigged up some old tyres to be able to do Tyre pulls loaded up with kettlebell to provide an awesome complex to any session..         But on to My Morning wake up WOW..   Remember..   Wake up, ...

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New Afterburner Finisher Workout #4 05062013

    Hi all.... I have not written a blog post for a few weeks.. Many apologises...   But As We've been getting good weather here in the Uk at the  moment, I've been busy with doing more and more 'Mobile Truck Training' Workouts....   Things are slowly getting there, with the recent good weather more people are starting to take advantage of working on their fitness outside. I need to find a regular venue near a Beach so I can take full potential of what I can offer. At the moment I am only touching on what I can really do/ what I can provide to you.       Here below is a set up before a recent outdoor training session.  ...

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