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Category Archives: Healthy food

6 Tips and Motivation Hints to Start Your Fitness Routine This Autumn

Hi All.....   The crispness of autumn's air settles in after a long summer. The leaves begin to turn vibrant colours and the children head back to school. Adults settle back into their regular routines and begin preparing for the upcoming winter months.      If you're like most adults, one of your priorities is to lose weight and tone up. Perhaps you want to drop a few dress sizes or add a few pounds of lean muscle. Whatever your goal may be this season, here are a few tips that will jumpstart your fat loss:     1) Eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day. Each meal should be 2-3 hours apart. Each meal should contain one protein and one carb. The first me...

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Raise Your Testosterone Levels With These Superfoods

  Hi all.. This Blog post will hit home to guys that are reaching their late Thirties to early Forties like myself,   And this is a follow on post from a few months ago about what are the best foods to boost your testosterone levels Mostly considered a male hormone, testosterone is in fact typical to both male and female..   Testosterone is the primary male hormone, which not only impacts your sex drive but your entire body. This hormone offers guys bigger hearts, lungs and other organs, develops muscle mass and controls stomach fat, while regulating mood, aggression and mental focus. Steady and adequate levels of this hormone are important for your total ...

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6 Finest Testosterone-Boosting Foods!

  Hi all...   First of I'd like to show you A great Offer I am currently doing... It's a Recipe Book that Each Recipe Only contains 5 Ingredients...   This is really good if you want to quickly Knock up a healthy meal quickly...           But Onto the Post   The 6 Finest Testosterone-Boosting Foods!   You've must of become aware of superfoods by now? Nothing's more super for a hard-training lifter than foods that support testosterone production! You see, testosterone is the most significant anabolic hormone in the body. Females produce less testosterone than males, discovering methods t...

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Kettlebells – Yes the Best Way to Get Fit at Home!

Hi All....   I thought I talk about Training at Home and A little bit about Nutrition and how it differs from person to person. But to start Training At Home.. Over the Years I've been Training People, the very best method i have found to get fit in your home is with kettlebells. By now you could have either seen or heard of the old strength and conditioning tool called the kettlebell, I use this a lot with my clients in and out of gyms. Kettlebells have actually been around for centuries as well as have been chosen by the world's greatest professional athletes as well as strongmen. If you are really urgent regarding getting lean and also in shape but you have a busy r...

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Free Fat Loss Tips That Work.

    Hi all.   If you are looking for some free fat loss tips then read this article, Plus Feel free to download my FREE Ebook with even more tips. Not only do you receive this information for free by me but On the plus side these tips won't cost you a penny unlike expensive fat loss pills and conventional diets that don't work.   If you are looking for fat loss tips you are probably overwhelmed with information and on the other hand a lot if not all of the information is ridiculous bullshit. These free fat loss tips are not like magic pills or wonderful diets they work but it take some time to see results.   When you take pills you see temp...

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Nutrition – Get Your Nutrition correct to Achieve Your Fitness Goals!

  Hi all..   Good nutrition is defiantly the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. It is essential to maintaining optimal physical and mental performance, to defending against infectious and chronic diseases, and to living a long and healthy life. Yes I admit I have sometimes have an aggressive approach when it comes to achieving results. Now when I say this I don't want to come across as arrogant, but rather come across as logical.   For example, I know that its easier to walk with comfortable shoes and its certainly easier to fly somewhere on a long distance trip than driving. These examples may seem silly to you, yet many people don't use this logic when ...

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The Wonders of Watercress The Natural Superfood

    Hi all....   I'd just like to write this Blog update On Nutrition, as I beleive and Coach that the Proper Nutrition and healthy eating will help you reach you weight goals or strength goals,,.. This is really a No brainer...   So As I am writing out a complete Nutrition Ebook With loads of tips and and help with getting your Nutrition Right, I'd thought I'll give a quick Eye opener to one of the most over looked Foods out there that almost everyone has forgotten about...     "Train Real Hard and Eat Real Food – It’s that Simple!"     Everybody understands an apple is a much better treat compared to Crisps/pot...

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Don’t Let Friends And Family Undermine Your Diet plan

  Hi All...     One of the most significant hurdles to any type of fat burning strategy is navigating the lots of subtle and also not so subtle means that friends and family utilise to wreck your diet plan.   While they might not even be conscious that they are doing it, the tactics used by those closest to us have the capacity to be the failure of even our most well intentioned efforts to slim down.         In many cases, friends and family really feel apprehensive regarding your strategies to burn fat in order to hence could start exercising numerous strategies that are intended at de-railing your diet regimen st...

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Exactly how Does Alcoholic beverages Affect Exercise

    Hi all..   So it’s nearly the weekend and you just finished work for the week. Now you're considering heading out later as well as having a few ‘drinkies’ with your buddies and relaxing. You worked hard all week and also you absolutely and worthy of a little enjoyment and fun now that the weekend break's here, so there's nothing incorrect with going out and having a couple of drinks with your good friends?   Anyhow,  tomorrow might be a workout day and given that you work out on a regular basis and care for yourself, a little alcohol wont hurt - right? Well, prior to you going to the pubs and clubs, here are a couple of points to take ...

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Meal Plans? – 5 Recommendation For Creating Your Perfect Muscle building Diet Plan

    Hi all....   I get asked about this topic more often than not... It's about Meal Plans and Diet plans...   To be honest there are literally thousands of "meal plans" out there on the web. Plus I am hearing more and more Pt's that are giving out Meal plans without any real knowledge of Nutrition or diets...   TO be strictly Honest Only Registered Dietitians should give out diet/meal plans, Not a Pt that has only just completed their qualifications and then they think they know it all.. In some countries it ia actually Illegal to give out such plans...   But with this in mind and how I see and hear 'others' sharing out this in...

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