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Category Archives: Kettlebell workouts

2 Amazing Outdoor Workouts For Females to obtain a Sculpted Beach Body!

  Hi all...     With Winter now on the way out, It is now the time to start focusing on the summer and Especially for you ladies to get your Beach Body you've always wanted...   I have been Writing up loads of new article and workouts that I will eventually publish in a series of Ebooks.     But in the mean time I will give you a Little heads up on 2 great routines...   So then.. If you are a Female wanting to develop a super fit beach body without the requirement for expensive equipment  then this is defiantly your ticket. As a professional fitness trainer and strength and conditioning specialist, I always try and take...

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The Kettlebell Snatch: 3 Massive Perks Of This Lift!

    Hi all...   As a strength and conditioning specialist I need to claim that the kettlebell snatch is one of my personal favourite in all the kettlebell lifts that can be performed.   If you like to know why this lift is so important then allow a minute to listen and continue reading this short article.   I have trained many athletes and several clients that are serious about fitness and this solitary lift confirms to be helpful for all them!         Benefits Of The Kettlebell Snatch Lift!     1. Establishes Explosive Power:   I have actually trained many athletes and I cons...

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6 Reasons You Absolutely HAVE to know about Training with Kettlebells

  Hi all... Here is a small article about Training with Kettlebells, and some observations (and Tips I pass on to you) that I have seen over the past few years.           1. Do you have the proper training?   As Kettlebell training becomes more popular, there are so called “experts” popping up all over the place. Youtube being the most popular place to see this, But also increasingly in Gyms. Trouble is, many of those first-time exercisers electing to grab the bell by its handle  lack the know-how or ability required to actually use it, and get some bad advise on how to use them. It takes literary thousands of hours of...

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Kettlebell Burn Matrix workout 17082013

  Hi all....   Congratulations! And Thank you You’ve made a smart Choice looking at this Blog.   Okay...   In this new blog I have a few new updates plus a new Kettlebell workout with an added Extra 'Afterburner Finisher' Routine..   But First of all, I am pleased  that I have been added to  Supplement Centre.com Blog spot...   http://blog.supplementcentre.com (My spot is half way down the page)   I have been asked to do a regular guest post and to be able to test out new Products.. Also I'll  hopefully be able to Sell Supplement product at great prices, that could beat any other people that sell Supplements..   ...

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Advantages of Kettlebell Training For Cycling

  Hi All...   I have been asked a few times about Kettlebell Training For Cycling, As I have Clients Doing a 50 mile cycle challenge soon... So here are some of my thoughts on using Kettlebells for this type of sports specific training.   Kettlebell training for cycling particular strength and conditioning is among the better ways of bringing your cycling performance to the next level!   Commonly Cyclists are infamous for demonstrating poor posture with a deficiency of core and upper body strength. The consequence of this frequently manifests as back/neck/shoulder pain in addition to loss of ability on the bike.     The cause of ...

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Kettlebell Cardio HITT 08052013

  Hi all I have just written out a Kettlebell workout that I made up and Used many years ago, For all to use.. I have been doing Kettlebell training for Well over 5 years now, and i must say i Still thoroughly enjoy it. It is the Best mix of Cardio and Strength training and will easily Help in Fat Loss..   If you want more info on my Personal Coaching and Training in Exeter and guides to send worldwide, Then Please contact me for more Info. This Kettlebell workout is a killer, it is way better than any Bootcamp you may find, so you have been warned. Also… This is not a beginners workout!     I suggest you use some sort of timer when ...

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Kettlebell Swings workout 28032013

    Hi all     Congratulations! You've made a smart Choice looking at this Blog.   If your new to this blog, I do urge you look through my other posts... I endeavour to provide the Finest workouts, Technique cues and tips on Nutrition as I possibly can.. Please keep coming back as I will be updating this blog on a regular basis.   Today I've made a  NEW WOW a Kettlebell Swings workout...   I've Created this High Energy workout. This is great for a mixture of Strength and Cardio...   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -   Kettlebells The kettlebell swing is ...

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    Hi all.. Just posting a workout done today.. Using my Truck and jump rope and Kettlebells.. I have lots more to write up with new workouts that are Exclusive to my training program.     5 min dynamic warm-up CIRCUIT 1 1 min jump-rope 10 toes to bar 10 Spyder Suspension Face pulls, to Low row to bear hugs repeat 3 times CIRCUIT 2 1 min jump-rope 10 Clean & Press using a 18kg KB repeat 3 times CIRCUIT 3 1 min jump-rope 10 Snatches using 20kg KB repeat 3 times CIRCUIT 4 1 min jump-rope 10 close-grip push-ups repeat 3 times CIRCUIT 5 1 min jump-rope 10 burpees repeat 3 times BONUS 1 min extra jump-rope to cool dow...

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New Kettlebell WOW 09022013

    Hi All   Been an interesting week for me...   Can't really go into it all now, but hopefully things are moving in The Right direction I wish to move in.. But That's for another Day..   I'm still trying to sort out some training sessions with using my 'Mobile Truck Training' But Weather has been bad, But this to is starting to gather attention.       Also I have made out a new Kettlebell workout for all to download and Try out...   I tried this one out today, and its a really good Kb quick burn..   You will need a stopwatch for this... I use a gymboss timer..  http://www.gymboss.com/ ...

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The Advantages of Kettlebells

  The Advantages of Kettlebells     I'm sure most of you would have heard of a kettlebell by now? If not here is a brief description on what a kettlebell is and the benefits. A kettlebell is a traditional Russian training tool that looks like a cannon ball with a handle on. This shape allows unique positioning of the weight directly above your centre mass (unlike a Dumbell which must be held in front of the body).   This allows you to keep your hand and wrist in a neutral alignment which enables for greater endurance in the core lifts! kettlebell training involves multiple muscle groups and energy systems so it really is the ultimate conditioning work ...

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