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Category Archives: Mobile Truck Training


  Hi all..... It's COMPETITION TIME......   It’s Fun and easy! 
Here's a chance to win an entire 4 weeks of Training programme for you or a friend. 
 Follow these simple steps and you're in the draw:

     1. Take a shot of The Trainers Edge truck where ever you spot it.

   2. Post the photo on Facebook and Tag @jason.depaoli or @TheTrainersEdge.Exeter   And Instagram @jasondepaoli_pt or @thetrainersedge_uk 
   And then you’re in the draw to WIN FREE 4 weeks of Training.   SEE IMAGE BELOW   Program includes Strength and power work to fire up your metabolism to get you star...

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New Direction to come this Year…

  Hi all...   So just like to write what I hope will going ahead in 2016... For The Trainers Edge... Some stuff I am keeping to myself until plans are finished, But I will be revelling this soon.. But to start with For 2016 I have managed to be able to make Hard copies of my PDF's   I have had many enquiries over the weeks to be able to give or to sell ( at a reasonable Price) a physical copy of books. As Many people either can't read my stuff if they have not got an Ipad or they don't have time to sit down and read my stuff on their computer..   Printing my books is an option but some either don't have a printer and it may not look good... ...

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Advantages of Having a Mobile Personal Trainer

  Hi all...     When it comes to getting considerable fitness and health results, getting a personal fitness instructor is definitely of the very best selections making.   It is very easy why it is so. A personal trainer or like myself a strength and conditioning coach assists you create a personalised workout strategy so you can accelerate your progress at a much faster rate than you having to do it by yourself. As most people becomes busier with their work and family life, mobile personal trainer can be the best choice for anyone who wants to get seriously in shape.         Here, I shall breakdown the advant...

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Sensible Holiday Fitness – Some Quick Tips to Keep Fit

  Hi All....     Tis the season for Personal training Exeter?, But almost everyone worries about fitness during the holiday season. The first thing that happens is that you find yourself going to Christmas party and then partying more often. That really throws you off your normal eating habits. You end up eating and Drinking more and consuming more calories. It’s more often or not fruits and veggies that you are consuming! Yeah….           The second thing about this season is that schedules are always different for everyone. Workplaces sometimes have a reduced staff owing to holiday travel or even illnes...

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Mobile Truck Training Almost ready to Roll

Hi All   Well It's been a long time coming, With delays and just trying to get things sorted. I Have finally started testing the Rig.. I am hoping this will be a start of a whole new way for fitness training. This is just not 'Bootcamp' As I believe this has be done way too much Esp with instructors that just don't know how to do Bootcamps properly. The only kinds of 'Bootcamps' That anyone needs to do, Is ones that are actually taken by Military or Ex-Military personal. Anything else is just not the same....   But What I am doing will hopefully be MORE... As you can see by pictures, I will be using Equipment that will provide a much more all round workouts, usin...

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