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Core Challenge workout routine…

Hello Everyone..


News to start…
I have now received a Olympic Bar with Rubber Bumpers, So in theory It should be okay for “Crossfit” Style workouts..
Plus good for deadlifts and Squats that Now i can train you anywhere…
I will be taking pics and showing it soon..
Also I have a “Landmine” attachment to attach to bumpers, So if  you are  bored with your current exercise program and would like to add some new exercises to your regimen,
Then you will be able to try out these unique exercises that work on core stability, general muscular strength, and endurance..
More info coming soon..


So onto this weeks workout sheet..
I have done a Core Challenge workout…
Very easy…  ( He says…lol)

Just go through this routine once, it’s good for a quick blast if you haven’t got time to do a full gym session.
Also you can go though the routines as many times as you can..
The more the better..
Or set a Gymboss timer and see how many times you can go though this workout in 10 mins or 20 mins or 30 mins..





So there you go…


I hope to be able to video some of these routines asap..
But just depends on weather outside or if I can find a space in a gym…

Until next time….


Learn to love that burn……:)