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Drink Tea.. It’s very good for you.


Hi all….


Green tea, black tea, Lemon tea, Rice tea, white tea, Blends etc —there are so many arguments over which is the best tea to drink, but there is no argument that tea is very good for you.


 Research has shown that the benefits of tea can be obtained from drinking tea as well as from tea extracts available in supplements.  






Let’s look at some of the recent research—and by recent I mean just be studied within the last few months!  Some of the studies listed below have been done with humans, some have been on rats and some on mice.


 While the evidence in all its forms continues to grow, you’ll notice that I begin each benefit below
with the word “might.”  This is because the scientists remind us that they are still learning as well.


 You’ll also notice some familiar benefits like tea and tea extracts reduce inflammation and are contain potent antioxidants.


 The researchers now are not only helping us understand what tea can do, but also how it does what it does.  






Some of these studies were focused on the mechanism of action while simultaneously reinforcing the results of previous studies.



Here is a list of the benefits of Drinking Tea

1. Might protect bones from cigarette smoke-induced damage and may improve bone density.  

2. Might reduce reactive oxygen species.

3. Might reduce inflammatory signalling via NF-?B and TGF-ß1.

4. Might protect skin against ageing via decreased reactive oxygen species,decreased inflammation and decreased necrosis.

5. Might protect against exercise-induced oxidative damage

6. Might increase glutathione.  

7. Might support long-term glycemic stability

8. Might protect neurones in neurodegenerative diseases

9. Might be cardioprotective, support endothelial nitric oxide and may reduce hypertension

10. Might protect against NASH… Non alcoholic steatohepatitis often “silent” liver disease





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