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fat blasting cranberry and mango smoothie recipe


Hi all


I thought about a writing about series of Healthy meals and Smoothies..

All of which I have tried and tasted…

First up is..

fat blasting cranberry and mango smoothie.





200ml cranberry
200ml peach-flavoured yoghurt

1 mango

Put all in blender, blend for 30-60 secs


Why it works

Cranberries offer a low-calorie package full of immunity-boosting antioxidants .

The vitamin C also increases your fat-burning potential. Yoghurt is rich in vitamin B12, which helps your brain absorb energy from food.

Yoghurts will also rev up your body’s fat-burning engine.
but any flavoured Yoghurt will do…

And the Mango is low in calories high in vitamin A and betacarotene that helps destroy free radicals, the damaging by products of exercise

plus Mangos are high in nutrients, including  potassium.



‘Learn to love that Burn..  🙂 ‘