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Is your Fat the Evil Adversary you wish to destroy.?


A Topic that I do get asked about…

A fat loss goal can be really hard to accomplish without some easy basic knowledge at your finger tips, with knowledge about fitness and health you will be able to figure out what direction to head in order to get the results you are looking for.


One concept to understand is how caloric expenditure works and what things need to be considered in order to achieve maximum results for burning fat.

So really Lucky that everything you do burns calories, so almost any program or sports activity will create the calorie deficit that needs to be incorporated into any fat loss journey. Resistance training such as (sandbag or kettlebell training for example) for fat loss is one choice in many that can be used as part of a complete program to help you lose the fat you are after.
Resistance training will burns calories for days.


It helps increase the metabolism by creating an afterburning affect. Basically when you are done training your body has to repair the muscles that were worked. This creates a great opportunity for your body to burn tons of calories. There are many different forms of resistance training to choose from. Working with a personal trainer can help you devise an appropriate plan of action using resistance training as a way to eliminate fat.
But, if you go for it on your own incorporating a few key rules like the ones listed below can help you effectively eliminate fat for good.

• Use full body movements over smaller isolated moves in the beginning. To burn the most calories pick exercises that pack more muscle behind the movements. It’s simple; the more muscle you put behind a movement with the proper amount of resistance .

Compound movements are great, this combines to different exercises in one big movement, thus making your body burn lots of calories.


• Balance out your movements with opposing movements. I’m sure you do not want to injure yourself right?

Then adding this simple concept to your training can help you burn tons of calories and help you structure your training plan to get rid of the fat for good.


• Train at a comfortable speed at first. Starting with a slow tempo is going to increase the safety of your exercises and allow you to learn better form.

You want to ensure you train for a long time so, take your time at first. When you feel ready, play with different tempos.

Different speeds can help develop different aspects of strength. It will also add to your athleticism and help you in other areas of fitness.


• Move in all directions. Using a movement map such as the ‘Primal movement patterns’ can help you pick exercises in a balanced format. Using lateral movements and rotational as well the many others that are mapped out help prepare your body for other activities in the future. So moving just in one direction when training is not recommended, Move all around..


• It is important to consider to eventually moving into other areas of fitness and playing other activities and sports. Use resistance training as one of your foundational methods for creating fat loss and burning calories. To create a solid program and get maximum results, seek education through qualified professional.


• Or download one of my Afterburner Finisher routines… New Programs are going to be release soon… These will be great as you will be able to plug in 1 -2 or even 3 different Finishers to get a really good workout and will increase your metabolic burn for many hours after..


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