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First Info Graphic Workout of the Week

Hello All.


Many apologises for not able to do a Blog post last week.
Been very busy with one thing and another.




Here in this post I wish to give youy all my first in hopefully a long series of Info graphic workouts.
Or WOW’s ( Workout of the Week)
(I will try to think of a better name soon 🙂


I have made this workout and others for everyone, These are optimised to be able to use on smartphones.
Plus you can print them out.
But i may make up a simple pdf version for printing as this graphic workout would be very heavy on ink on a printer.
This Graphic Workout is a very simple one to start..


Please check it out.
I will be in the coming weeks making WOW’s (Workout of the Week) using different uses of equipment,
Like Kettlebells cables, Free weights, Powerbags and much More..
I am going to vary workouts so some will can be used anywhere, some that you can take into your local gym and use the equipment they have.

But this one today is All bodyweight,
You can do this workout anywhere, At Home, In gym, outside.


Please copy this graphic…Use it and share it…. The more it gets around the world the better..
So here it is…




All you need to do is ‘Right’ Click on image, and save as, then import to your smart phone,
Use Dropbox of an App similar.

I really hope you Like the Workout and enjoy it.


As I say this is a first in a series I am making up,
Some I may well video and put along side the graphic..


Soon until next time..


“Learn to Love that Burn”   🙂