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Fit 2 Ski workout


Hi All…


Well it’s nearly December, Christmas and the new Ski season has started..
In some countries it already has… With in some resorts have about 120cm of Snow before the end of November…

So I have put together ‘My fab 6 Exercises’ to get you ready for your ski trip…


As a Canadian CSIA Ski Instructor myself for over 10 years now, Having strong legs and Core is what you need for a good days Skiing..
Even though sometimes if I ski hard all day I get DOMs in my legs a few days later.



But Studies have shown that if your not ready for the first day on the slopes, you are more prone to getting injured,
and also having an accident on the last day,
When your holiday is nearly over, and you might just one too many Beers or Glühwein

at the top of the mountain.. And just a little too tipsy on the run back down to the Village
I’ve seen it many times   LOL
Now to kick start your routine I advise to start to prepare and train for the slopes around about now
First week of December, Even if your not going over to your resort until January or February of 2013..


You can incorporate this and other ski specific exercises into your routine that your doing already..
I start my training for the Pistes in early September, Workout on Uni lateral leg exercises , core work and Balance techniques..


So here below is the 6 best (in my opinion) exercises you should be doing at very least to start with..




Of Course you and ‘Right click on image to save’ and then upload to your smart phone to take anywhere to any gym.
any question on this and other Ski related  routine and ski tips,


Please feel free to contact me…


Ok that’s it for this week..
More news on my
‘Mobile Truck Training’ Should be up next week…


So ‘ Learn to Love that Burn’  🙂