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Why Does focusing on Form Matter So Much?



Hi all..


This topic I find keeps cropping up when I speak and hear clients and people in the gym..


Correct exercise technique is an ability that is not easily learned. It’s practically impossible to see the subtleties of specific exercises in magazines or web pages.


Really few individuals learn the finest way to perform an exercise. I’d state that around 75% of the health club population can’t perform something as simple as a lateral raise, lat pulldown or even (the easiest Exercise on the planet to get right) the ‘Plank’ correctly.

Not even when they are with a personal Trainer
(I’m Sorry to say).

Learn proper technique folks and you will experience a world of difference.







Exercise type is very important for 2 primary reasons:



1. Working the Correct Muscle.


It still amazes me (years later) that a slight change in an angle or grip can trigger different muscles to be worked or in some cases, put more pressure than necessary on certain joints.
Take the bench press as an example. The correct way to press up the barbell or free weights is with straight, steady wrists
The second you are “pushing with your wrists” (top of the hand being parallel to the floor instead of straight up) you are not working your chest and rather, putting a lot of pressure on the wrists, in some cases well over 100kg.


Likewise, if you do not offer your pecs a fast flex and pull your shoulder blades together, the lifting will certainly be concentrated more in the triceps muscles, instead of the chest, the workout to implied to target.



2. Avoiding Injuries.


Comparable to my last point however worse, the wrong technique can not only shift focus on to different muscle groups but in fact do more harm than good.
Take the shoulder press, it’s a really easy exercise but with one common technique mistake.


Before the exerciser presses the weights above his/her head it’s crucial to pull the shoulder blades back and together so that when the weights are lifted, they are raised right above the head instead of out in front of the body. This mistake can cause shoulder impingement’s, stiffness and chronic discomfort.


An exercise like the squat can be fantastic for structure (and even reconstructing) knee strength but the second those knees go over the toes to far, you put yourself at threat for knee injury.


And with crunches, if you don’t learn body awareness and techniques to activate your abs, you will be doing crunches with your upper body, or relying to much on hip flexors and not hitting the abdominal region at all!





As you can see, there is more to exercise form and technique than meets the eye. If you are anywhere near serious about training for the long term I would defiantly recommend working with a personal trainer such as myself, to show you the correct way to train (Well the current up to date to train, I do constantly read and learn ways to train people).


So I can certainly teach you proper form to prevent injuries, increase ongoing results and progressions and to keep you exercising for years to come.







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That’s all for now..


 KMF  ” Keep moving Forward’