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Futile or Downright Dangerous Exercises to STOP Doing


Hi All……

Now I think in this Article I will get Alot of Flack But To be Honest I really Don’t Fucking Care..
It’s About Time someone Mentioned this To people that Want to get fit and Loss the Fat.
Especially As The New Year approaches and People will have their new year resolutions….


Okay Maybe I’m just getting old but I’m really getting tired of over these silly “Gung Ho” challenges that have 100 pull-ups, 100 burpees, 80 lunges, blah, blah, blah… That I see in the gym all the bloody time…


Unless you’re an insane, freakish athlete… NO ONE can do 100 pull-ups or 50 Clean and Press with perfect form. 

It all stems from Pt’s lack of real knowledge and/or they just want to look good on the gym floor to give an impression they know about personal training….. Bollocks.
Plus Now the use of Olympic lifts (That look cool and are good) into workouts.
And Amazingly bad ways that these Exercises are being taught….


Now I’m Learning and Training For my Strength and Conditioning Coaching Levels and Even I don’t Coach Olympic lifts until I’m Ready and I’ve done at least a Year study with these (Btw I Have only a few months left until i Will)

These are My Rules when Training


1. NO talking during the performance of an exercise
2. Perfect form must be used in every exercise
3. No quitting on an exercise


Because I take my Coaching seriously….



But A 3 Day course (Not Going TO say With Which group But People Who Know Me will know what I am Talking About)
Does NOT Make You a S&C Coach Overnight… No way Near….…
It Takes Years To Learn And Master…. It’s is Sad To see and Unfortunately Clients don’t Realise this..


But I digress. So Seeing this madness, I decided to put together this list of exercises to STOP doing right now if you’re serious about getting in shape while NOT destroying your body. 




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Exercise #1 – Side Bends


Firstly I see this all the time

This silly exercise will wreak havoc on your lower back. This is when you hold a dumbbell at your side and you bend at your waist to the side. 


It’s awkward. It’s dangerous. Just stop it.

Not only does it Not work your Ab muscles, this move places high levels of compression forces on the spine and the soft tissues that act as the spines’s shock absorbers. It puts you at risk for rupturing a spinal disc.
Unless you’re a powerlifter or strongman competitor, I’d suggest you stay away from side bends.
You don’t want to repeatedly bend your spine sideways any more than you want to flex your spine forward with crunches and sit-ups.



Exercise #2 – Abundance of Lunges


I said “abundance”, not totally avoid this exercise. Lunges rock. I do them.

You see this everywhere. Men and women without proper balance trying to do lunges and practically falling over.


Look, this is an amazing exercise., but they aren’t so good that you should be risking the health of your knees to do them.


But doing 100 of them does no good if your form is horrible.

I guarantee that if you do just 10 of them using NO weight with perfect form, you’ll get more benefits from that than you would from 100 “sloppy” lunges.

I challenge you to do 10 per side today… 3 sets…. keeping this in mind:


1) Your rear knee should be just a few inches from touching the ground
2) Go at a slow tempo (taking 2-3 seconds to lower yourself and 1 second to come up)
3) Driving through your lead leg through the HEEL of your foot to return to the start position!
4) Focus on engaging and contracting your glutes
5) Keep your upper body nice and tall with a proud posture (shoulders back)

It will blow your mind when you do them right – I guarantee it. 

If you aren’t ready for them, stick to squats with proper form, step-ups, or lying 1-leg hip extensions




Exercise #3 – Russian twists


Be on the safe side, don’t do this exercise.
Listen, I have nothing against Russians. I’m sorry that this exercise has been given this name and I also think Russian women are some of the most beautiful in the world…
…but this exercise they’ve given us gets a big fat ‘NYET!’


Don’t do this. It combines spinal flexion and rotation, and is unsafe for your low back.
Sorry, it belongs in Siberia!




Exercise #4 – Lying Leg Lifts


You’ll see this move a lot in bootcamps and group classes. It’s when you lie on your back and lift your legs off the ground. Sure, you work your abs. But you also put a ton of stress on your lower back. 


The risk for reward is NOT worth it. 


Exercise #5 “Clean and Presses” done with a fixed bar


Again Clean and presses are a great exercise when done with proper form, PROPER FORM but almost every time I go into a gym I see people using those fixed “body bars” and doing some mangled “reverse-curl/external rotation/body contortion” movement.
Worse, I’ve watched groups of people do this in classes.
Listen, it’s nice that people see the value in the total body movements, but if you can’t do the exercise properly, it shouldn’t be done at all.


When I see a person trying to clean and press a 2-inch diameter, 24 pound body bar, it ALWAYS looks bad…because it is. Again, there are plenty of other ways to train the body. You could do a front squat combined with a push press. That would be safer and would still work all the muscles you want (and even more).



Exercise #6 “Floppy” Burpee’s


OMG I can’t tell you how this great conditioning exercise has been barstardised.


Again Just Stop doing these..


A Real Burpee should be performed with a strong core all the time you shouldn’t
let the hips drop and touch the floor and roll down to floor, then hyper extend the back..
It just Looks Wrong and it time it will not be good…


NEVER touch your chest AND Hips/thighs to the ground during a burpee, you don’t do that during a push-up, so why would I do it during a burpee?


Touching both the chest and the Hips/thighs to the ground (the flop) like most people are being told to do. Will most likely relax their core, and the Form is Just Bad… Really BAD


It is a crying shame really…. The burpee, when done right, is a great exercise to increase cardio/respiratory endurance, improve core strength, increase strength in the posterior chain, increase upper body strength, increase your awareness of full hip extension…


Exercise #7 Anything on the Smith Machine


I’ve had to use this Machine when Coaching… Not out of choice but mainly cus I can’t get my client to a bench or something else Because the Gym is so Busy, And the last resort is the Smith Machine.
Also I have used this machine for a little bit of rehab when a client has some shoulder problem, but this is really the only time…


But The Smith Machine seems to be a bro-magnet at times. It lets them load up more weight than they can actually handle and really make the other weaklings jelly.
Well, the Smith Machine sucks for this. Period.

It’s bad for squatting.
It’s bad for benching.

It’s just bad for everything. It completely removes the stabiliser muscles from lifts and forces an unnatural range of motion. The result is sub-par gains in both size and strength, which becomes VERY obvious if you try to switch to free weights.
So do yourself a favour and stick to the free weights. Your muscles will thank me later.

There We Go…… I will will Most probably be Slammed at this Article Blog…. But I really Don’t Care…
If Anyone Does Slam Me about this then those ppl are ignorant and will only be apart of a ‘Click” that most probably use many of these exercise…



Rant over……. For Now……





I Hope you like this Article,
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That’s all for now..


Train Real Hard and Eat Real Food – It’s that simple!




Jason..  Your Personal trainer in Exeter