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Happy Christmas, and Spyder Training workout #2



Hello All..

First of all just Wishing you all a fab Merry Christmas!

Today on this Eve Day, just updating that I have finally finished of my ‘Mobile Truck Training’ Rig
it has been a long time in coming But I’ve had to make a few changes plus i still need to add some extra supports, (only just to make sure this system works)..
Some pics below…






So keep an eye out very soon for more fantastic updates…..



Ok quickly on to the Suspension training Workout #2.



Focus: Lower Body. 

Format three sets. Set 1: slow, 4 count 10-12 reps,
Set 2: normal tempo, 12-15 reps.
Set 3: quick, max reps x 30 seconds..
Warm Up
10 minutes of light cardiovascular exercise of your choice.
(Be sure to warmup and stretch before beginning.)

Rest 30-60 seconds between sets


Suspension Squat
Suspension Crossing Balance Lunge (curtsy lunge)
KB Two hand swing
KB Goblet Squat to Diagonal Press
Suspension Sprinter Start lunges
Suspension Mountain Climbers (all sets maximum x 30 seconds)
Suspension Side Lunge
Suspension Single Leg Squat
KB Reverse Lunges (right & left) x 15 reps


Remember, when doing this routine, workout at your OWN intensity.
Stretch, rehydrate, rest up.


That’s it for now… I may get in another printable workout before the New Year…

Happy Xmas everyone





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