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The Healing Properties of Wheatgrass And Linseed



Hi all….



I maybe going to a little off topic today as I don’t really talk about this topic,

So I did a little research for this article.




I’d like to talk about Wheatgrass and Linseed…

Now ‘Wheatgrass’ When you think of this most people will just assume Thats a ‘Hollywood’ type of thing,

And Yuck don’t want to eat/drink that.
But Wheatgrass is really quite good for you, Especially if you add it into your Fitness smoothies or just a handful blended into your protein shake..
So in today’s polluted society is very taxing on the body. While the body benefits exceptionally from fruit and vegetables, to cope with all the chemicals around us the body needs specific supplements.



To be Honest most supplements turn into very expensive urine. And this is a very important point. Carbon dioxide, exhaust fumes, putrid invisible gases will poison our bodies on a daily basis. We need extra support to counter this.



Want to know how to counteract all the wastes the body has to take in? Chlorophyll is the substance that causes the green coloration in plants and vegetables. It is similar to haemoglobin in the blood except for one molecule.


Green vegetables, especially leafy greens, shoot the highest energetic nutrients into the body.







Here are Some Facts about Wheatgrass And Linseed


There is one supplement that has high concentrated source of chlorophyll. This supplement also contains Vitamins A, C, E, K and B including B12 and B17 (these two are particularly significant because it’s been suggested that it’s not easy to get vitamin B12 on a vegetarian diet.


B17 is significant because of the latest research that suggests possible benefits it provides on specific types of cancers). It also contains every single known mineral, in organic form (on Day 2 we talked about the importance of getting organic minerals).



That’s every single known mineral needed by the body. Some of these are extremely hard to get. It also has every known trace mineral. A true phenomenon. It considered a wonder food. It is tasteless in a glass of fruit juice. It’s much better than its name suggests. This is Wheatgrass.
Don’t be mistaken, this is far different from wheat, the most important point is that Wheatgrass does not contain gluten.



You Must of seen or come across the most recent Craze for Omega 3 Fats? They are also known as Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids. If you haven’t seen it yet, you will very soon.




Many scientists are linking them with everything your body needs, everything from weight loss to skin shine. One challenge is that the body can’t store Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Omega 3 is made from a substance called ALA (alpha-lipoic acid). ALA can be stored by the body.

Linseed is packed full of ALA, or basically the building blocks of essential good fats. These fats are good fats, as opposed to the excess weight which comes from bad fats. Scientists are now finding that good fats will push out bad fats from the body.


Linseed is not green; however it’s very powerful, so we’ve included it here.



So remember you get most of your nutrients from fruits and vegetables.





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