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Just a Quick Little update

Hi Everyone.

I am just writing this quick blog, to keep everyone updated and to keep for archives.
(I am writing this out again, as somehow I lost everything i wrote down a few minutes ago,
Hope it doesn’t happen again 🙂 )


Anyways I Do wish to write a blog update about my travels and progress with my Training business.
At the moment I am updating about once a week, But I intend to try and publish a updated on a more regular basis.


I am In the process of making up a structured way of videoing workouts and Technique cues..
I have the privilege over the many years of training (Strength and Conditioning, Fitness and Skiing) of working and learning for great coaches and Instructors
From here in the Uk and abroad from Europe and United States and Canada.


Also Along with the many Qualifications I have obtained, From CrossCore TRX and Kettle bells, Plus the Advantage of becoming a Internationally Qualified Ski Instructor (CSIA) I have a very good eye of picking up on Technique faults and Dysfunction’s..
I will be uploading more soon… Most properly when it starts getting cold and wet here in UK lol..


I have uploaded a tester video that i quick edited from my groper cam..
Just a sample of a Mobile truck Fitness training, With one of my client using mainly a big tractor tyre, But I didn’t shoots everything on the session.
Kettlebells were used as well as Ropes.
Video  below..


Here are a couple photos from the days Training  session..




This Sessions Workout

Dynamic Warm ups 2 – 3 mins…
Tyre hammers 10 reps (hits) left then 10 reps (hits) Right.
Tyre jump in and outs x 10..
Onto Tyre Flips
3 sets..
Tyre pulls…
Pull tyre in then runs carrying tyre back to start, x 3 rounds.
Then overloaded tyre with 12kg repeat runs, Extra runs back and forth to pick up kettlebell. x 3 rounds
Last same again but added Second 12kg…. 🙂
Ropes…  3 rounds of following 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 45 seconds..
Double waves, single waves and then judo chops… Finishing with a 250m run…

Lastly quick kettlebell core work… 3 rounds of following 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 45 seconds..
Round the worlds
Figure 8’s
Russian twists.



So that’s one of my clients finished off with for the Day… But Good work Liam..


I will be hopefully taking some more photos soon.
If not then its up to me to start getting on with shooting my own Unique workout sessions…

That’s all for now…
“Learn to love that burn  🙂 “