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Kettlebell Basics workout sheet

Hi Everyone.


It’s Thursday again, November and nearly Christmas…
Comes around all to quick.. 🙂


Anyways Before i go into my Kettlebell Basic routine Sheet, And Quick update on what’s going on with me..
Top rig for my truck has now been made, so hopefully I shall be putting it on in the next week or so.
I shall be extensively testing it out before i unleash it to any of my clients or Groups.
Also making sure that no one copies any of my routines or exercises..
(Which has been happening all to frequently recently)
So thats done, and soon I’ll be getting a Olympic bar and bumpers, so i can start doing mini Crossfit routines.


Well that’s sort..
So on to my “Work out of the week Sheet”

To start off I have made up a basic Kettlebell and body weight routine..
It’s has the basic exercises to start you of with Kettlebells
As Christmas is nearly with us, Kettlebell workouts and routine are one of the very best to Burn of those Calories..
It’s hard core for cardio and strength..


Also to start off, I have been asked many times about what weight Kettlebell is good for me to start.

So “What is the right starting weight for me?”
For women.
6kg if you are new to exercise, out of condition or unfamiliar with free weights
8kg if you work out regularly
12kg is usually for those experienced with kettlebells or high level athletes

16kg The weight a woman should aspire too!
For Men.
12kg if you are new to exercise or unfamiliar with free weights
16kg if you are a regular exerciser
20kg if you are a regular exerciser and train a lot with free weights.

Now your armed with this information you can try out this started ‘Basic’ workout.



I hope you enjoy this workout..
Do this for about 20 minutes and try and go around the circuit as many times.
You can rest for 1-2 mins after you finish the first round and then just keep repeating the circuit as many times as possible..


That’s all for now..
Stay well everyone and Happy Days..


“Learn to Love that Burn  🙂 “