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Kettlebell Burn Matrix workout 17082013


Hi all….


Congratulations! And Thank you You’ve made a smart Choice looking at this Blog.




In this new blog I have a few new updates plus a new Kettlebell workout with an added Extra ‘Afterburner Finisher’ Routine..


But First of all, I am pleased  that I have been added to  Supplement Centre.com Blog spot…



(My spot is half way down the page)


I have been asked to do a regular guest post and to be able to test out new Products..
Also I’ll  hopefully be able to Sell Supplement product at great prices, that could beat any other people that sell Supplements..


I’ll be updating on this very very soon…


So nearly at workout, But just have to say abig Thanks to everyone thats been training with me in the last few months…


Clients have been either Stripping the fat away or where necessary putting on the muscle and getting stronger..
This is due to MY unique way of training with their hard work and a well designed and structured exercise routines and eating plans..


Here is a vid of One of my Clients using the FreeForm Board…




(Just been told a few days after this vid that she can still feel her abs and core with DOMS….)



Okay Now on to NEW the Workout……


Here is a new Kettlebell Workout that can be done in under 30 mins..

I’ve Created this High Energy workout. This is great for a mixture of Strength and Cardio…

I’ve added a ‘Afterburner Finisher’ to do after if you wish, or you have the strength too…





Just ‘Right Click” and Save image as to your computer and then upload it to your smartphone,
To take anywhere…



In the meantime if you could hit the Like button I’d really appreciate it


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That’s all for now..


 KMF  ” Keep moving Forward’