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Kettlebell Cardio HITT 08052013


Hi all
I have just written out a Kettlebell workout that I made up and Used many years ago, For all to use..
I have been doing Kettlebell training for Well over 5 years now, and i must say i Still thoroughly enjoy it.
It is the Best mix of Cardio and Strength training and will easily Help in Fat Loss..

If you want more info on my Personal Coaching and Training in Exeter and guides to send worldwide,

Then Please contact me for more Info.
This Kettlebell workout is a killer, it is way better than any Bootcamp you may find,
so you have been warned.
Also… This is not a beginners workout!




I suggest you use some sort of timer when doing HIIT workouts. The gymboss is my favourite and I use a lot But now you can get the Gymboss Timer For your Smartphone Also or there are plenty of of other Apple and Android apps available for download,

But The best for both

Apple FREE Interval Timer App:

The Gymboss 2 Interval Timer App

Android FREE Interval Timer App:

HIIT Interval Training Timer App


Warm Up
Always do a proper warm up before doing any HIIT training. Here is one for you to do, but take it easy during the warm up as you will need your strength for the main workout:

• BW Lunges 10 rReps
• BW Squats 10 Reps
• Mountain Climbers 30 sec
• Planks 30 sec
• Rest 30 sec then repeat warm up again for a total of 2-3 rounds.


Main Workout
Ok Great, now that you are warmed up it is time to Start the Kettlebell Cardio Hitt.

When doing Kettlebell training, always make sure your Technique and form is correct. Do Not attempt this workout if you are still new to kettlebell training.
Please Contact me For Kettlebell Technique workshops and Training, As I am a CKT level 1 Coach



So here it is.
Set your timer to 32 rounds of 10 / 40 seconds. Do as many reps as possible in the given time. Rest 10 seconds between exercises. You will rest at the end of the circuit for 1 round which is in total 50 seconds. Repeat the full circuit 4 times.



The Workout:
• KB Swing – 40 Sec, Rest 10 Sec
• Jump Rope – 40 Sec, Rest 10 Sec
• KB Swings – 40 Sec, Rest 10 Sec
• Jump Rope – 40 Sec, Rest 10 Sec
• KB Snatch Right Arm – 40 Sec, Rest 10 Sec
• KB Snatch Left Arm – 40 Sec, Rest 10 Sec
• Jump Rope – 40 Sec, Rest 10 Sec
• REST  1 round – 50 Sec
• Repeat circuit 3 more times for a total of 4 sets.






Just ‘Right Click” and Save image as to your computer and then upload it to your smartphone,
To take anywhere…


That’s it for now..




‘Learn to Love that Burn’ :)