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Kettlebell Foundation Routine


Hi All

Here is another weekly blog..


Firstly updates…
New top Rig for the truck is nearly ready.. Hopefully be on and ready to test next week..
I am hoping after many weeks and months of drawings and designs it will work..
It should so i am looking forward to adding in a new dimension to outside “mobile ” training.


Ok The Kettlebell Foundation Routine…


This routine consists of 3 rounds.
The weights can be lowered for beginners who are not 100%
comfortable with Kettlebells.
Plus for beginners the Reps can be lowered too..


The Breakdown….
Two handed swing 18kg x 25
Goblet Squat 18kg x15
Single arm Military Press or push press (left and Right) 18kg x10
Racked Lunges (Left and right) 18kg x10
Burpee to kb suitcase deadlift 20kg x 25
Standing Russian Twist 12 kg x 12
Windmills (Left and Right) 12kg x 10
Single roundabout swings 18kg x 25



Until next time…

Learn to love that burn  🙂