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Kettlebell Swings – Superb fitness For Females That Want Results!



Hi All…


I have been a strength and conditioning Coach as well as a Personal trainer right here in the Exeter, Devon for well over DECADE now.

So Ladies, I need to say that if you are serious about getting results from your workouts then I can help you here with this one excellent complete total body lift.


If any females are wanting to develop strong thighs, hips, back, as well as merely general complete body that you have always wanted. Then you have got to discover and apply the kettlebell swing into your routines.

Keep on reading if I have your interest.






Fitness For Women!



Workouts for ladies to obtain a fit physical body needs to involve a number of variables.

If you like to get into the best shape of your life you must engage in lifts and exercises that train your body from head to foot and whatever you are doing must significantly elevate your level of perceived exertion in order to get the most out of the workout.

If you are wishing to do this then kettlebell training is an excellent means to assist you to what you are seeking. Much more especially, the kettlebell swing is an incredible Exercise for you to do to get you into the very best shape feasible.


If you are a lady that enjoys getting results you will certainly enjoy this Exercise/workout.

Well, possibly you will not enjoy it while you are doing it. 🙂

Yet you will absolutely enjoy the end result from using this lift to your normal exercise routine.

The kettlebell is in basically a cannonball with a handle.


This is quite functional, as well as could be utilised in a selection of various ways to obtain an absolutely superb exercise in order for you to improve your of health and fitness. The kettlebell swing is done by you literally swinging the kettlebell from between your legs up to at least chest level back and forth like a pendulum.

It sounds really Easy. But this is done by truly mastering the full use of your body in order to properly stabilise and lift the bell in the most efficient way without the sensation of clumsiness or imbalance.



Just how is the swing lift done? Well, the best way to explain it is to imagine standing with your feet at a firm base at shoulder width distance apart in length. From here you are going to squat down and pick the bell up off of the ground and allow it to hang at your groin.


Next, you are going to begin your lift by flexing at your hips and only slightly at the knees.

The depth of your descent more closely should resemble a quarter dead lift type motion rather than a true squat.

As you flex at the hips and knees you are then immediately going to fire your hips to fully extend both your major joints in order to generate the necessary momentum to swing the bell.

The bell needs to move right between the legs and lift with a firm drive up to at least chest level.

You should forcefully breathe with every rep, keep your shoulders pulled back, tighten your abs, and tighten up your rear with every single continuous rep!


You will quickly see after only a few reps why this single lift is such an effective addition to your workout program.




If you have not currently performing this specific lift right into your exercise program then you are losing out.



Like I claimed if you are a female desiring outcomes after that this is your ticket for success!
Simply put in the time and learn similar exercises in my articles by accessing my posts that are totally free.


Remember ladies that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart!






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That’s all for now..


Train Real Hard and Eat Real Food – It’s that simple!




Jason.. Personal training Exeter