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Are Kettlebells Good Strength Training Equipment?



Hi all…


Most people would look very puzzled if you told them you use kettlebells for strength training. You would have to explain what a kettlebell is and what it does most of the time.






Everyone who is involved in a strength training program agrees that good strength training equipment is worth its weight in gold. So are kettlebells good strength training equipment?



The answer is a unquestionably “YES!”



Are Kettlebells Good Strength Training Equipment For All Sports?

It is important to thoroughly grasp the purpose of a kettlebell. In Previous articles I have explained what is a Kettlebell. Well Just to quickly recap, A kettlebell is aptly named.




It is a cast iron/steel* weight that looks like a cannonball that has a handle on top. It was originally developed in Russia and is considered one of the most effective training tools available on the market.



(* They are other types of Kettlebells on the market these days either made with tough vinyl or even sand bells, but the traditional Kettlebell is still the best, I personally use The competition Style where the size of the Bell is uniform whether it’s a 8kg or all the way up to 32kg)
It is for use by people serious about developing muscle strength. Answering the question “Are kettlebells good strength training equipment?” leads to a list of the advantages to using them in a fitness program.




– Provides overall muscle development


– Can be used for proper muscle development for any sport or athletic activity


– Combines development of strength and flexibility



– Defines physique


– Improves grip strength


– Improves fat to lean mass ratio


– Expands stamina


There are obviously so many benefits to using kettlebells by competitors in training. But there are many people equally serious about muscle development who never join a competition or participate in athletics on a regular basis.



So when we ask the question again, “Are kettlebells good strength training equipment?” the answer does not change. They can be used in any serious fitness program that focuses on strength training.


Are Kettlebells Good Strength Training Equipment for average person?


Kettlebells come in various weight sizes. Like any program that uses weights, you build your muscle strength through practice, repetitions and regular effort. Kettlebells are perfect for the person who wants to seriously train, but not invest a lot of money and space on equipment.
The Kettlebells replace a variety of established exercise equipment including dumbbells, Barbells, medicine balls. It also offers overall body fitness that benefits anyone interested in good health. Are kettlebells good strength training equipment? Judge for yourself!


– Reduces chances of injury through development of joint flexibility


– Improves back strength


– Strengthens shoulders


– Strengthens arms and grip



The benefits of training with kettlebells apply to anyone who needs muscle strength, flexibility and endurance.



Now ask yourself, “Are kettlebells good strength training equipment?” and see if you don’t agree they are a remarkable and effective tool.


Are Kettlebells Good Strength Training for Women?


You know that kettlebells are great weight training equipment for men. But are kettlebells good strength training equipment for women?


The answer again is “YES. Women get just as much benefit from using kettlebells as men. The only difference is that they normally start training with a smaller weight.
So in conclusion using kettlebells you can develop the physique you have always wanted.
The answer is always a yes when asking, “Are kettlebells good strength training equipment?”



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