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Hi all..

I thought i write up a little Kettlebell Explanation.
On What Kettlebells are and what it will do for you..

Kettlebells train your body like no other fitness tool. Their unique design trains every muscle in perfect harmony – excess fat melts away as you’re left with a sexier and leaner body.


Kettlebells will lead to greater fat loss.

Kettlebells increase your metabolism by creating dense muscle mass. The fat loss power of kettbells is explained by the extremely high metabolic cost of throwing the weight around combined with the fat burning effect of the growth hormone stimulated by such exercises.


Kettlebells will Correct imbalances

The nature of kettlebell training will enable your body to correct imbalances. This is because of the structure of the kettlebell. The center of mass is always outside your grip, unlike a dumbbell. This forces your body to adapt to the movements in a more holistic fashion .Once you know where your deficits are you can tackle them with drills that then correct them. This will result in greater inter and intra muscular coordination and strength throughout a wider range of motion. Or in other words more usable efficient strength.


Kettlebells are different from dumbbells and barbells
Kettlebells don’t require a special facility. They are nearly indestructible and relatively inexpensive. Furthermore they deliver faster results than any other type of workout.

The centre of gravity is distally placed thereby creating greater forces of inertia. In order to control the weight you must employ the use of the stabilising muscles. Isolation exercises such as those done with dumbbells and barbells do not hit those stabilising muscles to the same degree. Isolation exercises train only the major muscle groups.


Kettlebells deliver unparalleled cardio benefits.
With kettlebell workout, two different actions must work together: resistance and overall body movement. The ballistic nature of kettlebell lifting creates a challenge for the muscles that cardio workout alone does not do.

Performing a wide variety of kettlebell exercises at one of my classes you will activate over 350+ muscles with each workout. Studies have proven that a 20 minute kettlebell workout will burn over 400 calories!! That’s the equivalent to running a 6 minute mile pace for 20 minutes or doing cross-country skiing up hill at a fast pace!



So All in all…

    1.    Tone and strengthen muscles
    2.    Lose body fat. One percent per week for many weeks
    3.    Reduce tension and stress
    4.    Fast results. You are forced to work harder, making kettlebells more effective than traditional methods
    5.    Kettlebells train every muscle from every possible angle
    6.    You’re left with a toned, firm and beautiful body that is primed for day to day activities and sport
The best part is that this one tool trains all components of fitness at once! Train at home or work and get a fantastic workout in just 15 minutes a few times a week!


Best of all, training with kettlebells is fun!  The number of movements  and with combination of movements are unlimited, so you’ll never get bored and you will never plateau..




Thats all for now,

More soon

‘Learn to Love that Burn”