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Kettlebells – Yes the Best Way to Get Fit at Home!

Hi All….


I thought I talk about Training at Home and A little bit about Nutrition and how it differs from person to person.
But to start Training At Home..

Over the Years I’ve been Training People, the very best method i have found to get fit in your home is with kettlebells.

By now you could have either seen or heard of the old strength and conditioning tool called the kettlebell, I use this a lot with my clients in and out of gyms. Kettlebells have actually been around for centuries as well as have been chosen by the world’s greatest professional athletes as well as strongmen.

If you are really urgent regarding getting lean and also in shape but you have a busy routine that requires you to just get your exercises in your home then kettlebell training is for you.




Kettlebell training is an ancient art form. You see training with kettlebells is much more different than most so-called traditional forms of strength training because it is movement based in nature rather than being body part specific. This is what sets the bell apart from most other forms of strength and conditioning.


The kettlebell is so versatile in its use and blend of exercises that it makes it easy for you to get in shape at home with your workouts. Because the bell is movement related it is highly effective in getting you in shape because it implements hundreds of your working muscles at one time.
Just by implementing basic lifts with the kettlebell such as swings, jerks, cleans, and get ups you set yourself up for a hard hitting workout to chisel out the body you want and for you to get lean and fit right in your living room or front yard.

The great thing is that the kettlebell is so versatile that it is much more efficient and cheaper than a fully furnished gym.


You could buy many sets of kettlebells ranging from every weight resistance with what you would spend for a fully furnished gym with money left over to spare. I hear people say that bells are expensive, but that is a ridiculous misconception.



This statement is only made by those that don’t know anything about kettlebells and what value they have on your workouts and total fitness.
If you are wanting to get fit without spending out a whole lot omg money of expensive equipment at home then you need to start using kettlebells. I will even make it easier on you by inviting you to access the rest of my articles on the matter for free.
Be sure that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart.




On to Nutritional Needs will Differ From Person to Person….

So Training with Kettlebells will start getting you fit, but it is the nutrition part of being healthily that will really push you to your end goal.
Whether you are pregnant, an athlete, or suffering from an illness, your nutritional needs will differ from if you are unfit or overweight.



Expectant mothers need to increase their intake of certain foods such as lots of green leafy vegetables, milk and fruit. Conversely, an athlete may need a higher protein intake to build on muscle mass or higher carbohydrates for more long lasting energy.
This is where an effective diet tracker can be an invaluable tool by instantly giving you the information that you need to make informed decisions on your diet requirements.
Stop snacking because you no longer want them, rather than avoiding them.
Getting your eating habits under control has a great side-effect, with a nutritional tracking system your eating habits become naturally more regular and more under control.



The side-effect of this is that you always feel pleasantly full; this means your desire to reach for a snack disappears. This is very healthy side-effect as most snack items are comfort foods that are nearly always very unhealthy, not to mention fattening.



Eat Fruits and vegetables!
Whether you are suffering from an illness or an Olympic swimmer, everyone gains huge benefits from nature’s bounty of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Fruit and vegetables contain most of the fibre, vitamins, minerals and nutrition our bodies require. Through a nutritional tracking system, you can immediately see how much of these individual food groups you are eating each day and easily judge if this is in sync with your bodies daily nutritional requirements.



Nuts and grains are great for you!
Many people think that nuts like almonds, walnuts and pistachios are bad for them as they contain reasonably high levels of fats. However, what many people do not realise is that these nuts contain good fats that clear up the arteries of the heart and help in maintaining a healthy mind, body and even skin.

If you do not have the time to keep track of how much of these nuts and grains you need to consume each day then all you need to do is keep a handy pocket diet tracker with you. That way, even while you are traveling you can track how much of these grains you have ingested or how much of these healthy fats you can still eat today.


Clever choices in food consumption as well as small changes in just what you eat can have an extremely substantial influence on your weight reduction outcomes. With a nutritional monitoring system, you can see for yourself what your healthy and balanced choices are throughout the day.



With a diet regimen tracker mechanism, you can take the guilt from eating your favourite foods as you reach relish every little thing that you prefer to eat, just in moderation, precisely as your physical body requires per day.





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Train Real Hard and Eat Real Food – It’s that simple!




Jason..  Your Personal trainer in Exeter