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Your not Losing weight? Functional Training is the way to go!


Hi All



Your not Losing weight?  Functional Training is the way to go!



Okay ,So have you ever gone to a gym and watched someone workout? Do you ever see anyone really workout Not just 30 mins on a cross trainer ?

I mean really workout where there is sweat dripping down their back and they are barely able to breath? Probably not that often.
Here is honest truth about fitness:

You are just not working hard enough if you are not losing weight! We as a population have been taught to sit down on a machine and push and pull, where the machines are doing the movements for us and even more so as newer machines use wireless technology. To me that is no way making common everyday functional movements better.


It’s time for us to take charge of our own bodies and move, move and move some more! You can get stronger from pushing and pulling, but you’ll never be fit if you don’t get off your ass and move around in all 3 planes of motion.



It’s just fact that being fit means moving around. Twisting, turning, jumping, rotating, bending, stretching, curling, extending. Forget sitting on a machine where the movement is done for you.


Instead stand up on your own two feet, or just one foot, and move using cables, and bands, medicine balls, or even your own body weight.





Try this just one time:
The next time you go to the gym try not talking at all for just 30 minutes. The only reason to open your mouth is to catch your breath and to drink water. And take no more than 30 seconds between exercises.

Don’t tell me you have to wait on a machine. Don’t use those machines. Grab a medicine ball and do some chopping movements. Grab a sandbag and slam it onto the floor as hard as you can 50 times. Grab a Kettlebell and do some 2 hand sings 50 times. Do a push up then bring your legs in, stand up and jump up as high as you can over and over again until you drop \this is commonly known as a Burpee .

Put your hands on a bench and jump over it moving side to side.
All this is called functional training. This is how to get fit. This is how to lose weight. This is real exercise!



I’m writing out at this moment some real awesome Afterburner Finisher workouts that you can bolt together.
These will utilise Bodyweight, Kettlebells, Sandbags, Strapes and ropes..





Then you can move on to do more strength and conditioning routines..



So Functional training a great way to start, especially if your new to fitness, But from there More traditional free weight movements can Help burn of the fat and build lean muscle,.
Building lean muscle will actually burn more calories, So a good mixture of functional training and strength and conditioning is needed. 

I’m just telling it as I see it. I’ve worked in gyms as a personal trainer for over 10 years now, and people just don’t work as hard as they should. Learn to push yourself. There’s nothing like it! Honestly,



You’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something. you will feel exhilarated after doing this stuff. That alone, is a reason to do functional training!


Try it! There’s nothing like it!


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That’s all for now..




 KMF  ” Keep moving Forward’